5 Best Electric Hand Planers 2022

electric hand wood planer

Using an electric hand planer instead of the old fashioned manual planer will improve the finish as well as boost your efficiency. The purpose of these power tools is purely to flatten or thin wood pieces for a better finish to the wood. The best hand planer for woodworking is the DEWALT DCP580B Brushless Planer that … Read more

5 Best Random Orbital Sanders 2022

random orbital sander

A random orbital sander uses rotary discs that move in a “random” fashion. They are used to remove any defects and leave the wood feeling smooth. There is a variety of different types that offer different benefits and suited towards different skill levels. The best random orbital sander for woodworking is the Bosch ROS20VSK. This … Read more

5 Best Brad Nailers For Woodworking 2022

brad nailer for woodworking

A brad nailer is a lightweight power tool that fire small 18 gauge nails that are notoriously hard to hammer into wood by hand. The two main types of brad nailer include a pneumatic or electric version where both have their own benefits. The best brad nailer is the DEWALT DC608K Kit. The DC608K Kit accepts … Read more

5 Best Laser Tape Measures 2022

measure distance with a laser tape measure

A laser tape measure is a electronic device that transmits a beam to an object in order to measure the distance. It is mostly used by professionals that require precise measurements with no margin of error. The best laser tape measure is the Bosch GLM 80 Laser Distance Measurer that can measure up to 265 … Read more

5 Best Woodworking Jigsaws 2022

best jigsaw for woodworking

A jigsaw is a popular saw in many different trades because it is able to perform straight, curved, rip, plunge and bevel cuts fairly easily. These power tools are available in both a corded or cordless form with a wide variety of features available. The best jigsaw is the Cordless DEWALT DCS331B, which can cut through materials … Read more

5 Best Cordless Circular Saws 2022

circular saw for woodworking

Using a cordless circular saw to make precision cuts through wood is more desirable than the corded alternatives, which can come a real pain with the cord getting in the way all the time and generally causing additional hassle. The best cordless circular saw is the DEWALT DCS575T1, which includes a brushless motor that delivers 5,800 … Read more

The Best USB Wall Outlet 2022

USB Wall Charger

Considering that the majority of electronic devices now use a USB port for charging, the USB wall outlet has seen huge popularity in recent years. Not only is it more convenient but it allows for more electrical appliances to use the same outlet safely. The best USB wall outlet is the TOPGREENER TU21558A3, which has 3 … Read more

The Best Whole House Surge Protector 2022

Best Whole House Surge Protector

Without a suitable whole house surge protector, all your electronic devices are liable to power surges. They work by allowing the correct electricity through to the device whilst blocking excess voltage in order to increase your device lifespan. The best whole house surge protector is the EATON CHSPT2ULTRA, which is a SPD Type 2 device with … Read more

5 Best Steel Toe Work Boots 2022

steel toe work boots

The importance of the correct steel toe work boots is not just for looks but for maximum safety on the worksite. They can protect your feet from a range of hazards such as heavy objects falling on to your feet, electric shock and more. The best steel toe work boots are the Timberland PRO Pit Boss … Read more

5 Best Table Saws 2022

best table saw

Table saws uses a circular saw blade that is driven via an electric motor in order to cut through materials with great accuracy. There is a variety of types available that suit anybody from the average DIY’er to the professional woodworker. The best table saw is the DEWALT DWE7480XA, which uses a powerful 15 amp motor … Read more

The Best Carbon Monoxide Detector 2022

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide is defined at the “silent killer” as it is odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas. Installing a carbon monoxide detector in your home will detect when this gas is present and output an audible alarm to warn you and reduce health issues. The best carbon monoxide detector is the Nest Protect, which can be powered … Read more

5 Best Composite Decking Material 2022

best composite decking material

Adding composite decking to your home is one of the best improvements that you can do that will add value. It is durable and good looking with many different colors and styles to choose from to suit your requirements. The best composite decking the NewTechWood Ultrashield Naturale, which are made from high grade recycled plastics and … Read more

5 Best Oscillating Multi Tools 2022

rated oscillating multi tool

An oscillating tool is one of the most useful power tools available as it can accomplish many tasks such as removing grout to sanding down materials. It does this by allowing multiple different types of blades to be attached to the tool. The best oscillating tool is the Fein FMM350QSL MultiMaster, which packs 350 watts … Read more

5 Best Wood Deck Paints 2022

best deck paint

Restoring decking with a premium deck paint is cheap and easy to do task with limited tools required. Compared against using a deck stain and sealer, paint will last much longer with some brand claiming 10 or more years and its easier to maintain. The best deck paint is the Anvil Deck-A-New Paint, which restores wood … Read more

How To Fix A Leaking Water Heater

water heater leaking

Did you find your water heater leaking? What could be the cause, and how do you go about it. The water heater that is leaking can be an indication of a variety of issues, from loose pipes to a temperature pressure on the valve on the way out. Fixing the problems ranges from easy to … Read more

5 Best Finish Nailers 2022

finish nailer

Although a finish nailer is not as widely used it is still an essential power tool for various woodworking tasks. Compared against the more popular brad nailer, they have a lot more holding power, which is great for hard materials. The best finish nailer is the BOSTITCH N62FNK-2, which is a lightweight (3.8 LBS) pneumatic nailer … Read more

Water Based vs Oil Based Stains

oil vs water based stain

Water based and oil based stains are the common types of stains for woodwork. You need to be careful when choosing stains for wood exposed to external weather conditions as they will deteriorate over time. Wood can become rotten or cracked if you use the wrong stain. Therefore, its important to find out what is the … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Moles In Your Yard

moles in the yard

Moles exist in various environments and attack gardens and lawns causing massive destruction of essential plants. As a way of mitigating such losses, people need to know how to get rid of moles in the fastest and most efficient ways possible. Moles are parasitic animals which live in the soil. They depend on insects as … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants

carpenter ants

Unlike carpenter bees, carpenter ants don’t fly and are in much larger colonies. They don’t feed on wood but rather build their nests. Ants come into houses because they are mainly attracted by food. Poor disposal of food materials, lack of cleanliness and tidiness, dampness etc, attract carpenter ants. The only reason they mess around … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees

how to get rid of carpenter bees

Carpenter bees belong to the Xylocopa species. They got the “carpenter” bee name from their behavior of burrowing and nesting in wood products. Additionally, they are commonly confused with bumble bees due to their identical features, however, carpenter bees have a more shiny stomach than the bumblebees. Unlike carpenter bees, carpenter ants don’t fly and … Read more

Gas vs Electric Water Heater

what water heater to buy

When planning to buy your next water heater, you should decide whether you want a gas or an electric water heater. An electric water heater can help you warm your water through its electric resistance coils. A gas water heater, on the other hand, relies on the burning of a fuel (natural gas) to warm … Read more

Table Saw Vs Circular Saw

circular saw vs table saw

As you’re willing to spend cash on a woodworking tool such as a saw for an upcoming project, there are certain things you should consider. First, you must know the differences between a table and circular saw. Second, you need to have a plan that highlights the features you’re looking for and how much you’re … Read more

5 Best Framing Nailers 2022

A framing nailer drives a single or multiple nails into a framing assembly much easier and quicker than a hammer will. It will improve your work rate greatly and they can be used for a range of woodworking projects. The best framing nailer is the BOSTITCH F21PL, which is a round head type that has 1,050 … Read more

5 Best Mechanical Pencils 2022

mechanical pencils for drawing

Mechanical pencils have been around for centuries but have seen vast improvements in the last decade or so due to technological advances. If you were a website designer, you would require a computer and the same can be said for architects, artists or graphic designers as they will require a mechanical pencil. The best mechanical pencil … Read more

5 Best Rotary Laser Level Kits 2022

rotary laser level

The rotary laser level is a step above the standard laser levels because they transmit beams at 360 degrees with a lot more power. These are mostly used by professional on the jobsite that require the upmost accuracy at a range of angles. The best rotary laser level is the Johnson Level & Tool 99-006K Kit, … Read more

The Best Tankless Gas Water Heater 2022

Tankless Gas Water Heater

When deciding between a gas or electric tankless water heater, you should consider the size of your house. This is due to the tankless gas water heater having a far greater GPM (gallons per minute), which is required for simultaneously power of devices. The best tankless gas water heater is the Rheem RTGH-95DVLN, which is 94% … Read more

5 Best Laser Levels 2022

accurate laser level

If you are looking to line up objects with sheer precision, you will require a laser level to ensure you have a perfect straight line. A line laser can be used vertically or horizontally and on any surface at a variety of angles. The best laser level is the DEWALT DW089LG MAX, which uses three 360 degree … Read more

Difference Between Polycrylic and Polyurethane

Polycrylic vs Polyurethane

There are two main chemical products which are used in the finishing of the wood. They are Polycrylic and Polyurethane. Both of these products are used in fishing the wood since they add a touch of color and protection as well. Well, although both chemical products are essential, there is always confusion when it comes … Read more

5 Best Stud Finders 2022

best stud finder

The purpose of a stud finder is to locate suitable framing studs behind the drywall, which you can then be sure to drill into. They are available in three different types with the main two being magnetic and electronic but there is even an expensive radar type. The best stud finder is the ProSensor 710 Franklin, … Read more

5 Best Miter Saws 2022

miter saw buying guide

A miter saw is a woodworking tool that allows you to cut in a range of angles using a blade that is mounted to a swing arm. There is a variety of miter saw types to choose from that are suitable for both beginners and professionals. The best miter saw is the DEWALT DWS780, which is … Read more

5 Best Jobsite Radios 2022

portable jobsite radio

Whatever construction site you go to, you will more than likely see a jobsite radio blasting out music. The purpose of this type of radio is to provide excellent sound quality and loud music whilst being able to withstand the construction environment. The best jobsite radio is the DEWALT DCR015 MAX Charger Radio, which includes a … Read more

5 Best Table Saw Fences 2022

aftermarket table saw fence

An aftermarket table saw fence not only increases your accuracy with the table saw but also improves safety. A fence system makes cuts straighter, faster and consistent, which should be an incentive to purchase one today. The best table saw fence is the Vega PRO 40 Fence System that allows full adjustment for accuracy and … Read more

How To Cut Porcelain Tiles

using an angle grinder as a tile saw

Tile cutting is arguably one of the most difficult aspects of tiling in its entirety. This is so because the cut tiles must be dimensionally symmetrical to either the wall or the floor formats mapped out. As such, much emphasis is placed on the accuracy and precision of the person cutting the tiles. We will … Read more

5 Best Manual Tile Cutters 2022

Compared against the expensive wet tile saw, the manual tile cutters alternative is easier to operate and easier to achieve precision cuts without breaking the tile. The best manual tile cutter is the QEP 10900Q 35-Inch Cutter, which will smoothly rip cut porcelain and ceramic tiles up to 35 inch and 24 inch diagonally. Manual tile cutters … Read more

5 Best Wet Tile Saws 2022

Cutting tiles requires more of a grinding action compared to cutting action due to the blade not actually being that sharp. Diamonds are used on the saw blade that grind away at the tile in order to cut the tile easily and smoothly. The best wet tile saw is the DEWALT D24000 1.5-HP, which is a … Read more

5 Best Woodworking Routers 2022

A wood router is an essential tool for anyone working with crafting wood as it allows you to add shape to the edges of the wood. There is a wide range of wood working routers to choose from that suit casual DIY’ers to professional carpenters. The best wood router is the DEWALT DWP611PK, which has a … Read more

The Best Electrician Tool Belt 2022

Electrician Tool Belt

In order to stay organized and have all your tools right at your fingertips, you will need a comfortable electrician tool belt to store everything in. Comfort is a major factor because this belt will be around your waist for most of the working day. The best electrician tool belt is the Gatorback B240, which is … Read more

The Best Electric Tankless Water Heater 2022

Electric Tankless Water Heater

Compared to a tankless gas water heater, the electric alternative requires far less maintenance and are much cheaper. The electric tankless water heater is the best option for low use households that require an efficient solution. The best electric tankless water heater is the Steibel Eltron 224199, which requires no venting and can be installed … Read more

11 Different Types of Light Switches and Fixtures

Types of Light Switches and Fixtures

Light switches and fixtures are an important and crucial part of all homes. If they don’t match the theme decoration of your home, it could give a very bad impression. Other than style, they can also be characterized in terms of the type of process used in them for operation. Traditionally used switches were simple and used quick-break … Read more

7 Plumbing Tools Homeowners Must Have

Must Have Plumbing Tools

Plumbing is the activity of conveying liquids for multiple applications through things such as pipes, tanks and valves. Plumbing tools are therefore very important. In our everyday life, we often have to do our plumbing ourselves either it be due to not being able to call the plumber or merely having a plumbing emergency. In … Read more

The Best Under Sink Water Heater 2022

Under Sink Water Heater

An under sink water heater is a compact provides instant hot water and are available as a tank or tankless type. If you consider yourself to be good at DIY project, these devices can be installed fairly easily as their is minimal pipes or lines required. The best under sink water heater is the EcoSmart … Read more

The Best Deck Stains 2022

best stain and sealer

Applying deck stain to old or faded wood decking is an easy restoration project that transforms your home. You have the choice of a solid, semi-transparent and transparent stains, which all provide a different finish to the deck. The best deck stain is the Semi Transparent DEFY Extreme, which is a water based formulation and … Read more

The Best Hard Hat 2022

Hard Hat

Most people dislike wearing a hard hat but there is a wide variety available that are designed for those who wear them on a daily basis. These are all designed for comfort and protection against heat, high voltage and heavy impact The best hard hat is the MSA 475407 Skullgard, which has been tested to … Read more

The Best Fire Extinguisher For Home 2022

Fire Extinguisher

Unfortunately fires can happen in your home and they can be devastating. However, there is a wide variety of fire extinguisher options that you can choose from that include foam, CO, halotron and other dry chemicals that are suitable for home use. The best fire extinguisher is the Amerex B402 Home Extinguisher, which has a durable … Read more

The Best GFCI Outlet 2022

GFCI Outlet

The purpose of a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is designed to protect people from an electric shock. A GFCI outlet has it integrated into it and it will monitor the amount of power going into the device that is plugged in. This means, if the electrical appliance were to be dropped into water, the … Read more

How To Remove Old Stain From Deck

how to remove old deck stain

If you enjoy spending quality time on the deck of your house, then an old deck stain can be a complete turn off. There is nothing that’s as disappointing as remembering how good your deck used to look like. Therefore, it is important to remove old stain. Several factors can lead to a rugged looking … Read more