5 Best Wood Deck Paints 2022

Restoring decking with a premium deck paint is cheap and easy to do task with limited tools required. Compared against using a deck stain and sealer, paint will last much longer with some brand claiming 10 or more years and its easier to maintain.

The best deck paint is the Anvil Deck-A-New Paint, which restores wood decking with an eco-friendly textured coating that is available in 5 different colors.

Not only will a deck paint provide an improved finish but many offer superior protection and even anti-slip qualities for additional traction for sure footing. Many homeowners have different requirements, so its important to shop around.

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Best Deck Paint For Wood Decking

Deck PaintColorsCoverage Per Gallon
Anvil Deck-A-New5120 - 160 Sq Ft
RTG Deck4240 - 330 Sq Ft
KILZ Enamel Finish2200 - 300 Sq Ft
Durabak 183460 - 80 Sq Ft
Valspar 3125-701300 - 400 Sq Ft

Many homeowners confuse deck painting and staining fairly often. They provide completely different finishes with a stain providing a more natural look compared to paint that can come in a whole range of colors and textures.

Although deck paint is more expensive, it does have the added benefit of lasting two or three times longer than most stains. However, this is all down to how well you look after your wood decking and the environment it is in.

From repairs, protection and restoration, there is a deck paint for a range of applications that provide different finishes. Below is a list of the best deck paint that rejuvenates wood and a variety of other materials.

Anvil Deck-A-New Resurfacer Deck Paint

The Anvril Deck-A-New is a premium slip resistant deck paint that is available in 5 different colors. It aims to repair, rejuvenate and protect wood and concrete surfaces with an eco-friendly textured coating.

Whilst applying this deck paint, you are able to lock down the majority of splinters and fill cracks with a depth of 1/4 of an inch. Anvril claim that per gallon, you should be able to paint between 120 and 160 square feet.

Overall, the Anvril Deck-A-New is the best wood deck paint for the money and the 100% acrylic paint, it is able to withstand harsh weather conditions and traffic areas.

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RTG Deck Anti-Slip Paint

For those that require an anti-slip deck paint, the RTG brand is deal. It is available in 3 colors and a clear coat for those that want to paint over existing paint or stain.

Many wooden decks can become very slippery after it has rained, which makes a secure footing difficult to achieve. Luckily, technology has improved and has benefited deck paint with anti slip qualities, which are great for deck steps or high traffic areas.

One quart will be able to cover between 80 to 100 square feet and it can be used for wood, concrete and masonry applications. It is the best anti slip deck paint you can buy and offers relatively good value for money.

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KILZ Floor Coatings Deck Paint

KILZ are a large brand in the paint, stain, primer and other products for over 40 years. This deck paint in particular can cover between 200 and 300 square feet from 1 gallon of paint where it will dry in just under 5 hours.

You can use this deck paint with wooden decks, patios, trim, furniture, masonry, metal and more. It will provide a long lasting finish for years to come and will provide excellent protection, which will make your decking last much longer.

Overall, if you require a deck paint that dries fast and has excellent coverage, then the KILZ paint is ideal. The Pale gray/silver color is one of their popular paints but they do offer more.

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Durabak 18 Textured Deck Paint

Durabak is advertised as a deck paint for boats but it will work just as well for outdoor wood decking. It has an impressive array of 34 different colors, which produce a slip resistant surface that bonds to wood, concrete, fiberglass, metal and coated surfaces.

As it is designed for boat decks, you can rest assure that it has the maximum protection from UV and water. However, the finish may not be as desired compared with some of the domestic deck paint alternatives mentioned in this article.

Finding a deck paint that has the color you want can be quite difficult but with 34 colors to choose from, Durabak 18 has you covered. Although developed for boat decks, there is no reason it cannot be used for your wooden decking at home.

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Valspar 3125-70 Latex Paint

If you are planning on tackling a large wooden deck that needs a durable finish and a relatively cheap cost, then the Valspar latest paint is ideal. They claim that this paint is fade and weather resistant and it will provide a coverage of 400 square feet with 1 gallon of paint.

It will probably not achieve the finish for the dedicated deck paints above but for decking that is really rough it is ideal. This is because the paint is designed for barn and fences, which are fairly rough when brand new.

Depending on the type of finish you require, the Valspar maybe what you require to repaint your entire decking at a low cost.

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Deck Paint Buying Guide

A deck can be defined as a surface flat in nature which is able to support heavy weight just like a floor does but unlike the floor, a deck is constructed outside the house and most at times is elevated above the ground.

Decks can either be made from metal or wood. The wood decking can be subjected to use in places like garden landscaping, extending to the outside the living room and also in replacement of patios which are made from stone. Decks mostly are made from aluminium, composite material, composite lumber and treated lumber.

As time goes on, decks can start rotting or becoming corroded, which really does not do your home any good. Luckily, the advancements is deck paint technology have improved and they can withstand more harsher environments. Below are some of the factors that you should consider with regards to choosing your deck paint.

wood deck paint

Benefits of Painting Decks

The three main benefits of painting your deck are as followed:

  • Decking painting helps the deck revive and refresh its look
  • protects the deck from abrasive elements such as UV rays that otherwise would result in graying of the material
  • Rain water as well is protected from causing cracks and splits through deck painting

Deck painting also requires you to check on weather forecast as it should be done only when its dry. In cold weather the paint will not be able to dry or a case where it could rain like some hours after painting.

Once you have painted your deck, you will want to avoid decaying or rotting of the bare wood or the wood which is not treated. This is achieved by using a pre-treatment and using the correct wood preserver is advised.

Preparing Decking For Painting

Before you begin using your new deck paint, you will need to correctly prepare the deck in order to get the best finish. Prepare it by cleaning to clear off any debris using suitable cleaners. In case you make use of chemicals clean them off fully before painting.

Sometimes a deck will be stained with an oil or water based deck stain and this stain will need to be removed. Removing both stains and paint is nothing to be afraid off and relatively easy to do but many people will also have brand new decking that they would like to paint.

Decking State

What is the condition of your deck? Such consideration can help in determining the best of products which can work on the job well. For newly laid decks its recommended that you first leave it to the natural weather for like 6 months ten after that period either oil or stain it. This helps in ensuring than any treatment in existence gets eroded allowing what you will paint new penetrate very well into the deck and also adhere to it.

If the deck is not treated or was previously painted or is 6 months plus old, the options of such are also available. If you want to remove finish in existence, you need to strip back the wood to bare one. If you want to paint the deck for rescue and you want to do a complete replacement try considering composite innovative deck boards. Such do not ever require frequent maintenance and are sunlight, stain or scratch resistant.

Adding paint is not only for indoors. You can also get creative then introduce the same color for character and style to the outdoor space using exterior paint. The outdoor paint aids in protecting the surfaces and structures especially from corrosive elements which tend to weather them. Exterior paint can also be used for complimenting or contrasting your garden planted areas as per preferred look.

Painting your deck

Painted Surface Type

The exterior paints are offered in so many selections and be it you are painting metal, brick or wood you will always get a paint which is fit for that surface. There are also paints for projects which are termed more special which involve special handling.

Quality of the Surface

The surface state is as well very important to help in deciding bot the paint type to be used and the preparation which will be needed for the same. If the painting is to be done over a surface quite older, ensure that surface is completely dry, in good repair and clean.

This means that any moss, algae, mold or dust is removed and also if there is any rust on the surface is sanded down. For the best finish after painting you may be required to use either an undercoat or a primer also to ensure the paint stays for longer period.

Exterior Woodcare

Mostly suited for decking, fences, wooden sheds, playhouses, garden storage and garden furniture among other structures. If you want to color or protect the exterior of wood you have to choose either oil, varnish, stains or paint. These products mostly are made for various tasks or areas and therefore, before making a choice explore each type.

Wood paint

Type of paint which gives opaque color splash and comes in various shades. Mostly are designed to help the elements and also are quick-drying. When buying ensure you buy the ones which are crack resistant and also which resist blistering once exposed.

Wood stain

Type which allows e natural grain of the wood show itself while giving that color. The stain soaks into that wood then provides it with protection from corrosive elements.

Wood oil

It nourishes wood replacing any lost natural oils from exposure to harsh weather. It also protects the finish. Decking mostly uses this for foot traffic protection. Oil is not as quick drying and therefore you should check the details of the product when planning.

Wood varnish

Combines a high protection level with finish for the natural wood. Unlike other options, varnish allows exposure of wood full grain and can be sued for formerly stained or varnished surfaces.

Masonry Paint

Most ideal for stone, concrete, cement, stucco, peddledash and brick among others. It decorates and protects the exterior walls of a house, garages and garden walls. This type can aid in revitalizing you house front part creating that great impression. It is available either as textured or smooth and comes in very many colors.

Metal Paint

Ideal for drainpipes, garden storage, garden furniture, sheds, garden gates and meal railings. It offers protection from any weather battling elements. It can only be used for outdoor use. You can also go for the multi-purpose type which is used for both the interior and exterior. There are the quick-drying options and also the solvent-based traditional pants.

Understanding the surface, you are just about to paint first is very important. It can help you avoid some mistakes otherwise which could be too costly to make. With metal paint you can choose either:


These are the paints to paint metal surfaces with no need of fully removing any rust on the surface. With this you do not require primer what you need is to clean the surface then sand down rusted region before applying the paint.


Used for metal surfaces which do not rust like brass, copper, aluminum and steel. Formulated in such a way so as to be applied directly with no use of primers. It comes with inbuilt topcoat.

Deck Stain vs Deck Paint

Nothing makes a decking appear more beautiful than fresh coat as its finish. However, when it comes to deciding whether to use stain or deck paint it becomes quite hard. But once you have started using a certain finish, it’s quite hard to change the type to another. Therefore, before deciding whether paint or stain you should beware of their cons and pros.

Pros of Deck Stain

For ones looking for a way of keeping the decking simple in its substance and style, this makes ideal option. Stain is a very good way of enhancing the deck’s beauty hence bringing out the wood’s natural beauty. Also most of deck stains tend to be based on oil and hence can easily resistant adverse weather effects.

Cons of Deck Stain

As much as stain makes ideal choice for bringing out beauty in a newly bought wood, stain does not work as well for weathered and old woods. Also in some other climates, stain will not protect the wood

excellently like paint or primer coats would. Stain is never ideal to be used in areas with high humidity or areas experiencing much snow.

Pros of Deck Paint

When primer is applied properly then on it follows well applied paint coat you can be sure of beauty enhancement of the deck. Deck paint unlike stains is capable of making older and weathered decking look new and hence makes best choice for decks which have just been assembled or repaired using different wood types.

Decks which are painted are advantageous in that they can easily be maintained. Also if the deck paint is applied as supposed, it can last for long unlike with stains which require frequent re-application.

Cons of Deck Paint

If the painting is not done correctly, the paint does not stay for long. This is because it will peal and chip out over time. Before you start any painting, you should apply at least 2 primer coats. For such reason, the painting process becomes time consuming. Not everyone wants the painted artificial look, others want the stain feel and look of decks.

Above all, each of the two have their negative and positive side. In most situations, one of the two as per what it offers will outweigh the other. In such cases make right decisions and do not let the budget constrain you to going for less.


Be it you are searching for something which is not slip but brings out of your decking the best or a thing which will turn your garden to that unique thing to be admired, paints are available for decking which are capable of offering all those desires. The decking paint manufacturers big part also consider the buyer’s budget when coming up with prices.

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