Top 5 best Ryobi miter saws

Ryobi 10 amp best miter saw

Ryobi is one of the most renowned power tool manufacturers in the entire globe. This is because the company makes some of the best quality power tools. Among the many power tools it makes, Ryobi makes some quality miter saws. Probably the best Ryobi Miter Saws ever is the Ryobi ZRTSS120L. It is one of the … Read more

5 Best Electric Hand Planers 2022

electric hand wood planer

Using an electric hand planer instead of the old fashioned manual planer will improve the finish as well as boost your efficiency. The purpose of these power tools is purely to flatten or thin wood pieces for a better finish to the wood. The best hand planer for woodworking is the DEWALT DCP580B Brushless Planer that … Read more

5 Best Random Orbital Sanders 2022

random orbital sander

A random orbital sander uses rotary discs that move in a “random” fashion. They are used to remove any defects and leave the wood feeling smooth. There is a variety of different types that offer different benefits and suited towards different skill levels. The best random orbital sander for woodworking is the Bosch ROS20VSK. This … Read more

5 Best Brad Nailers For Woodworking 2022

brad nailer for woodworking

A brad nailer is a lightweight power tool that fire small 18 gauge nails that are notoriously hard to hammer into wood by hand. The two main types of brad nailer include a pneumatic or electric version where both have their own benefits. The best brad nailer is the DEWALT DC608K Kit. The DC608K Kit accepts … Read more

5 Best Woodworking Jigsaws 2022

best jigsaw for woodworking

A jigsaw is a popular saw in many different trades because it is able to perform straight, curved, rip, plunge and bevel cuts fairly easily. These power tools are available in both a corded or cordless form with a wide variety of features available. The best jigsaw is the Cordless DEWALT DCS331B, which can cut through materials … Read more

5 Best Cordless Circular Saws 2022

circular saw for woodworking

Using a cordless circular saw to make precision cuts through wood is more desirable than the corded alternatives, which can come a real pain with the cord getting in the way all the time and generally causing additional hassle. The best cordless circular saw is the DEWALT DCS575T1, which includes a brushless motor that delivers 5,800 … Read more

5 Best Table Saws 2022

best table saw

Table saws uses a circular saw blade that is driven via an electric motor in order to cut through materials with great accuracy. There is a variety of types available that suit anybody from the average DIY’er to the professional woodworker. The best table saw is the DEWALT DWE7480XA, which uses a powerful 15 amp motor … Read more

5 Best Oscillating Multi Tools 2022

rated oscillating multi tool

An oscillating tool is one of the most useful power tools available as it can accomplish many tasks such as removing grout to sanding down materials. It does this by allowing multiple different types of blades to be attached to the tool. The best oscillating tool is the Fein FMM350QSL MultiMaster, which packs 350 watts … Read more

5 Best Finish Nailers 2022

finish nailer

Although a finish nailer is not as widely used it is still an essential power tool for various woodworking tasks. Compared against the more popular brad nailer, they have a lot more holding power, which is great for hard materials. The best finish nailer is the BOSTITCH N62FNK-2, which is a lightweight (3.8 LBS) pneumatic nailer … Read more

5 Best Framing Nailers 2022

A framing nailer drives a single or multiple nails into a framing assembly much easier and quicker than a hammer will. It will improve your work rate greatly and they can be used for a range of woodworking projects. The best framing nailer is the BOSTITCH F21PL, which is a round head type that has 1,050 … Read more

5 Best Stud Finders 2022

best stud finder

The purpose of a stud finder is to locate suitable framing studs behind the drywall, which you can then be sure to drill into. They are available in three different types with the main two being magnetic and electronic but there is even an expensive radar type. The best stud finder is the ProSensor 710 Franklin, … Read more

5 Best Miter Saws 2022

miter saw buying guide

A miter saw is a woodworking tool that allows you to cut in a range of angles using a blade that is mounted to a swing arm. There is a variety of miter saw types to choose from that are suitable for both beginners and professionals. The best miter saw is the DEWALT DWS780, which is … Read more

5 Best Table Saw Fences 2022

aftermarket table saw fence

An aftermarket table saw fence not only increases your accuracy with the table saw but also improves safety. A fence system makes cuts straighter, faster and consistent, which should be an incentive to purchase one today. The best table saw fence is the Vega PRO 40 Fence System that allows full adjustment for accuracy and … Read more

5 Best Woodworking Routers 2022

A wood router is an essential tool for anyone working with crafting wood as it allows you to add shape to the edges of the wood. There is a wide range of wood working routers to choose from that suit casual DIY’ers to professional carpenters. The best wood router is the DEWALT DWP611PK, which has a … Read more