5 Best Composite Decking Material 2022

Adding composite decking to your home is one of the best improvements that you can do that will add value. It is durable and good looking with many different colors and styles to choose from to suit your requirements.

The best composite decking the NewTechWood Ultrashield Naturale, which are made from high grade recycled plastics and wood that can be snap together easily.

Installation of composite decking is usually much easier than the standard decking thanks to intuitive fasteners and clips. If needs be, you can easily cut through it using a woodworking jigsaw in order to make precision shapes for certain areas.

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Best Composite Decking

Composite DeckingStyleSize
NewTechWood11 Different11 Sq Ft Per Box
Naturesort N4-OTM8GDark Grey11 Sq Ft Per Box
Casa Pura Patio PaversAuthentic Wood11 Sq Ft Per Box
Abba PatioDark Grey11 Sq Ft Per Box
Cali BambooYosemite Dark GraySample

Composite decking is great for average DIY’ers that simply want a quick and easy fix to cover up old or cracked patios with ease. They are easy to install, durable and come in a range of styles and colors for the savvy homeowner to choose from.

In terms of the materials used, composite decking is made up of a mixture of wood fiber, plastic and binding agent in order to create a dense and strong material. Many people prefer the end result but many still prefer a solid wood decking.

More and more homeowners are choosing composite decking as their first choice material and its only going to become more popular. Below is a list of the best composite decking that are durable, low maintenance and easy to install.

NewTechWood Ultrashield Naturale Composite Deck

NewTechWood are a popular composite decking brand that have released their latest line, which is called “Naturale”. It has distinctive embossed grooves for a realistic looking deck and uses “Ultrashield” technology to protect the deck from the elements.

In terms of the installation, they are fairly straight forward and simply snap together. They can also be easily cut using a range of power tools such as a jigsaw.

In terms of the colors you are able to choose, NewTechWood provide a wide vareity and in total, there are 11 colors. Overall, they are the best composite decking for the money and provide a range of styles for the savvy homeowner to choose.

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Naturesort Bamboo Composite Deck Tiles

The Naturesort 8 slat bamboo composite deck tiles are a stylish design, which is made up of 60% bamboo and glue composite. The manufacturer claim it is fade, weather and insect resistant as well as being maintenance free.

As with the other alternatives, these simply click together with ease thanks to an intuitive system. Each tile measure at 12 x 12 x 3/4 inch and they are sold in cartons of 11 tiles, which cover approximately 11 square feet.

Overall, it is a durable composite decking that will provide a modern look to any household at a relatively reasonable price.

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Casa Pura Composite Deck Flooring

Casa Pura Patio Pavers is one of the easiest composite decking to install with an interlocking click installation. It works perfectly for concrete, wood and carpet and can completely transform an outdoor area.

These composite decking tiles are available as a striped or checked style but you are able to combine both patterns if you wish. On top of this, you can use these both indoor and outdoors, which may be worth noting for some people.

Overall, the Casa Pura Patio Pavers are an affordable composite decking that are versatile and can be installed without any special tools or screws. For those looking for a realistic wood finish, these are ideal.

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Abba Patio Composite Decking Tile

Abba Patio are a large brand that produce a range of products from carports to composite decking. This decking tile in particular uses an interlocking click system for a simple installation with no tools required whatsoever.

It is only available in a dark gray, perforated style with each pack containing 6 tiles. Abba Patio claim that these deck tiles have a much higher resistance to water, swelling, decay and fade compared against much natural woods. They also have a textured finish, which helps with the drainage of water and provide better traction in the wet.

Overall, they are one of the cheapest composite decking sets you can buy and great for putting around the house. They are fairly heavy duty too with an inch thickness, which is more thick than many of the more expensive composite decks.

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Cali Bamboo TruOrganics Composite Decking

Cali Bamboo is another composite decking brand that provide a number of different styles and colors. The TruOrganics line uses realistic grain patterns for the most authentic hardwood texture whilst still being a composite material.

It is an eco-friendly composite decking as its uses 100% recycled materials, which is split by 60% wood fiber and 40% plastic. Cali Bamboo are so confident of their composite decking that they provide a 25 year residential warranty.

Overall, it is an excellent alternative and worth getting a sample before purchasing the whole decking all at once for this particular composite decking.

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Composite Decking Buying Guide

About 30 years ago, choosing the best decking material to go for was so easy. Most people selected deck boards from the options which were available; redwood, cedar and pressure-treated lumber.

The wood which was used for decking was so long lasting compared to modern wood decks of today. Currently, even the trees used to make decks are farm trees which are engineered so as to grow faster hence lack some features and properties of the 1st generation trees.

However, as technology has improved vastly over the years, manmade decking materials have become very popular for many reasons. However, they did get off to a bad start as early composite decking used to contract, expand, split, crack, crumble or sag once left outside in sun. Solutions to such drawbacks were researched and have been incorporated.

Advancements Over The Years – Brief History

Just like any new product would, composite decking went through product iterations. Among the biggest challenges it had to go through is how to install and fasten the boards.

It was such a big problem as the composite decks were not able to be installed through use of screws for the traditional decks as they led to mushrooming effect which is a condition whereby the plastic portion of the material blooms up then mushrooms just around the screw head.

Manufacturers of fasteners tried talk to builders to accept the mushrooming as one of the desirable effects from composite decks and to undo it you only needed to hit it with a hammer. Through hitting, the mushroom will go down. Multi-diameter screws for decking were invented and they allowed securing of deck boards with no mushrooming.

From the year 2008 composite decks companies began manufacturing decks through a process called co-extrusion. The process forms a very strong layer in the outside over the deck surface which the traditional decks did not feature. The new product is referred to as capped composite decking.

This process makes it possible coming up with more resilient and stronger decking which is available in various natural colors. Its protective outer-layer enhances the ability of the product to resist scratches, water, mildew and mold hence capped composite decks have become among the famous as well as long serving decking materials today.

Composite Decking in the Sun

Very dense and dark-colored composites can heat up really once exposed to sun. therefore, for instance, if you sit on a deck chair which is made of that plastic the reflected heat can make you feel like that burger on the grill.

If the area at which you plan to put your composite decking is a sun spot, consider going for lighter color or rather different material of composites.

The Wood Look

Composites on the higher end tend to have wood like appearance and the superior grain feel. The expensive ones have individual variations of grain and subtle shadings such that its so unique.

During the manufacturing process, the material is buffed out so as to do away with any plastic in the composition. The high-end composites as well have bigger range of matching add-ons and colors such as decorative trim, skirts, pops caps among others.

Anti Slip Decking

Composite decking which are smooth-textured tend to be so slippery. Therefore, if the decking you are about to purchase is for use close to your swimming pool or if where you live ice is a climate condition or even in case the deck is to lead to the house entry, go for a decking which has pronounced texture.

Hidden Fasteners

Most people will be careful if the fasteners of the decks are out on display. If it’s something you do not like the look of, choose one that incorporates the hidden fasteners. For instance, the groove and tongue systems do away with gaps as well as allow hiding of the drive and screws if you want.

The clip systems also work with decking which are grooved, light in weight and with thinner profile compared to face-screw designs.

best looking composite decking

Building Codes

Before purchasing composite decking, contact your building officials in the locality to ascertain that the material you are just about to go for has an approval of use in that city. Some of the systems dealing with composites tend to have materials limitations for use especially as stairs and others need specific framing for given applications. Ensure also you consult on required fastener spacing to avoid cases in case of inspection.

Additional Accessories or Tools

You will not be required to source tools for specifically installing the tools used are similar with ones used for wood deck. With a composite deck, you might need other things like skirt pieces, special trim, reinforcement pieces, end caps and also add-ons among others. Before purchasing, do a research of all the deck details you want and budget well on it to avoid frustration.

Pros and Cons of Composite Decking

Most of the so called composite decks are made using by-products of wood and plastics which have been recycled. The combination of these two types of products yield the best of durable products similar to wood decks.

Pros of Composite Decks


The first and foremost of all benefits of composite decks is that they serve long just like any other composite product. The materials used for the manufacturing tend to withstand adverse conditions for longer period with no need of extra protection or treatment.


These decks from the composite materials do not require treatment, paint or stain. Like for wood decks, they require care annually or in a half a year as wood regularly will split, crack, fade and weather once it starts drying.

So as to maintain decks which are locked by pressure looking as beautiful, such efforts are very much required. Staining and painting becomes necessary for each two to three years so as to rejuvenises the look of the wood. With composite decks, the beautiful appearance and consistent remains for the first year and continues.


Composite decks are of many textures and colors. You can easily come up with multi-colored outdoor space through combining of various composite colored decks. Consider using a combination of decks which are lightly colored and border such with darker tones to achieve the dramatic look.

The contractor you choose might be having skills of incorporating various patterns for the design. The patterns and colors of the new composite deck will last longer as the product is so durable.


Many of the composite product manufacturers come with picket railing similar to wood railings. With this feature, it’s very important with its durability, sturdiness and longevity. The manufacturers of the composite decks as well provide tempered glass system. With the composite decks you as well can elaborate landing designs and stairs.

Cons of Composite Decks


This is one the major disadvantages when it comes to purchasing composite products the decks are too expensive depending on location where you are.

Lumber Frame Treatment

Every composite deck you see in the market is built on lumber treated frame to enhance stability and durability. Treated lumber mostly is used to make stair stringers, joists, beams and posts. Contractors of decking depend on treated lumber so as to come up with the framework for railing components, trim and deck boards. The treated lumber aids in saving the environment as it resists rotting.

Permanent Colors

The color which the deck comes with from the manufacturer is permanent as to avoid any maintenance. Therefore, you cannot easily apply a new wood deck paint. The only way home owners can try and alter the appearance is through cleaning the surface. Use cleansers to do away with debris while also bringing back the original color after manufacturing.


Composite decks darker in color tend to fade with time. Such is unavoidable as it occurs due to UV rays, high-foot traffic and weathering. The surface also can be damaged such that it’s even noticeable. Composite decks also suffer deep gouges and severe scratches. Repairing of this decks is as difficult compared to its replacement.


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