5 Best Steel Toe Work Boots 2022

steel toe work boots

The importance of the correct steel toe work boots is not just for looks but for maximum safety on the worksite. They can protect your feet from a range of hazards such as heavy objects falling on to your feet, electric shock and more. The best steel toe work boots are the Timberland PRO Pit Boss … Read more

5 Best Rotary Laser Level Kits 2022

rotary laser level

The rotary laser level is a step above the standard laser levels because they transmit beams at 360 degrees with a lot more power. These are mostly used by professional on the jobsite that require the upmost accuracy at a range of angles. The best rotary laser level is the Johnson Level & Tool 99-006K Kit, … Read more

5 Best Laser Levels 2022

accurate laser level

If you are looking to line up objects with sheer precision, you will require a laser level to ensure you have a perfect straight line. A line laser can be used vertically or horizontally and on any surface at a variety of angles. The best laser level is the DEWALT DW089LG MAX, which uses three 360 degree … Read more

5 Best Jobsite Radios 2022

portable jobsite radio

Whatever construction site you go to, you will more than likely see a jobsite radio blasting out music. The purpose of this type of radio is to provide excellent sound quality and loud music whilst being able to withstand the construction environment. The best jobsite radio is the DEWALT DCR015 MAX Charger Radio, which includes a … Read more

5 Best Manual Tile Cutters 2022

Compared against the expensive wet tile saw, the manual tile cutters alternative is easier to operate and easier to achieve precision cuts without breaking the tile. The best manual tile cutter is the QEP 10900Q 35-Inch Cutter, which will smoothly rip cut porcelain and ceramic tiles up to 35 inch and 24 inch diagonally. Manual tile cutters … Read more

5 Best Wet Tile Saws 2022

Cutting tiles requires more of a grinding action compared to cutting action due to the blade not actually being that sharp. Diamonds are used on the saw blade that grind away at the tile in order to cut the tile easily and smoothly. The best wet tile saw is the DEWALT D24000 1.5-HP, which is a … Read more