The Best Fire Extinguisher For Home 2022

Unfortunately fires can happen in your home and they can be devastating. However, there is a wide variety of fire extinguisher options that you can choose from that include foam, CO, halotron and other dry chemicals that are suitable for home use.

The best fire extinguisher is the Amerex B402 Home Extinguisher, which has a durable steel construction and is suitable for class A, B, and C fires.

Although most fire extinguishers look fairly similar, they do in fact differ when it comes to the types of fires that they are able to put out. For a fire extinguisher for home use, you will want to check for Class A, B, C and K extinguishers.

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Best Home Fire Extinguisher

Fire ExtinguisherFire ClassWeight
Amerex B402A, B & C9.5 LBS
Kidde 466180 Pro 5B & C5.0 LBS
Amerex B386TB & C10.0 LBS
First Alert 1038789B & C4.5 LBS
Mini Firefighter MFF01A, B, C & K0.53 LBS

Fires that break out in your home can be unpredictable and you will want to be able to distinguish it in the most effective method possible. Storing a fire extinguisher in an easy to reach area will ensure that you are always covered.

It is advised to have different types of fire extinguisher around the home. For example, a class K type will be suitable for a kitchen fire extinguisher, where as others may be suitable for other areas with furniture that may set alight more aggressively.

A fire extinguisher will be the first thing you will use to put out a fire and its crucial that you have the correct extinguisher. Below is a list of the best fire extinguishers that are suitable for around your home with a range of class types.

Amarex B402 Fire Extinguisher

The Amarex B402 Fire Extinguisher is a very reliable extinguisher that is excellent for putting out dangerous home fires. It has a durable steel construction and comes with a wall mount to keep it secure and accessible when it isn’t in use. It is a dry chemical extinguisher that is ideal on class A, B, and C fires.

This brand is actually popular among fire professionals because it is so reliable, which is a great confidence builder when it comes to choosing an extinguisher. Here are some of the notable features of the Amarex B402 fire extinguisher.

  • Comes with wall bracket for storage
  • All metal construction with aluminum valve
  • 14 second discharge time
  • Discharge range of 18 feet
  • Weighs 9.5 pounds

Overall, it is the best fire extinguisher for home usage as it covers class A, B and C fires. Many of the alternatives are only suitable for Class B and C, which makes the Amarex B402 really stand out. It is also large and powerful for tackling larger fires too. One drawback is that it may be slightly heavy but at 9.5 LBS, it really is not too much to handle and it does mean you have further agent to spray at the fire.

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Kidde 466180 Pro 5 Fire Extinguisher

The Kidde Pro 5 Extinguisher is one of the leading options on the market. It is very affordable, but it still provides the functionality you would need to fight fires around your home if necessary. It is suited for fires up to class C and is environmentally safe, so it won’t contaminate any food or electronics you have around your home.

It is very easy to use and comes with instructions on the extinguisher, which is very useful in the case of an emergency. Here are some of the notable features of the Kidde Pro 5 extinguisher.

  • UL rating of 5-B:C, suitable for class B, and C fires
  • Metal valve, handle, and lever
  • Easy pull safety pin
  • Clear instruction label
  • Weighs 5.0 LBS

Overall, the Kidde 466180 is an excellent choice for a home extinguisher with a durable construction that is designed to resist corrosion. It also has a large discharge range of up to 15 feet, which extinguishes fires quickly.

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Amarex B386T Halotron Fire Extinguisher

This is another reliable fire extinguisher by the Amarex brand. This is a lighter weight fire extinguisher that’s perfect for home use. It’s very safe and has been engineered to prevent environmental damage. It prevents thermal and static shock, as well as electrical conductivity.

It also won’t leave residue after use, which is a major concern after using most fire extinguishers. It is made with very durable materials and can handle class B and C fires. Here are some of the notable features of the Amarex B386 Halotron fire extinguisher.

  • EPA approved
  • Low global warming potential as well as ozone depletion potential
  • Steel cylinders with aluminum valve
  • 5 pound design
  • Large loop pull pin

In addition to being very durable, this fire extinguisher is also very easy to use. The large pull pin is very intuitive and you can see the discharge as you’re using it for more control and less mess. This is a great small fire extinguisher for home or business use from the reliable Amarex brand.

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First Alert Standard Home Fire Extinguisher

First Alert’s Standard Home Fire Extinguisher is an excellent choice for homes and small businesses. It is rated for class B, and C fires and can fight all types of fires ranging from small paper or trash fires to larger equipment fires.

This extinguisher also offers the convenient option of recharging after use by a certified professional, which will reduce the cost of purchasing a new extinguisher. Here are some of the other notable features of the First Alert Standard Home Fire Extinguisher.

  • Uses monoammonium phosphate to extinguish the fire
  • Made entirely of metal with commercial grade construction
  • Metal pull pin with safety seal
  • Corrosion resistant metal gauge
  • Waterproof label
  • Approved by the US Coast Guard for marine use

In addition to this home extinguisher, First Alert also makes a variety of other products for putting out fires, such as auto extinguishers, kitchen extinguishers, garage extinguishers, and more. Therefore it is a device that you can trust with high build quality and the effectiveness of monoammonium phosphate to put out the fire.

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Mini Firefighter MFF01 Extinguisher

The Mini Firefighter MFF01 is a small but convenient extinguisher that is very versatile and perfect for many different situations. Unlike other extinguishers, which only handle class A through C fires, this one also handles class K fires, which are started by oils and fats.

This makes it great for kitchen use or even for camping. Here are some of the other notable features of the Mini Firefighter MFF01.

  • Compact design fits in small spaces
  • Foam expands to more than 40 times its size
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable foam
  • Easy to clean, no residue

This unique and convenient kitchen fire extinguisher is perfect for many different situations, and the small size makes it appropriate for places where larger fire extinguishers wouldn’t fit. The Mini Firefighter packs a huge punch and can put out almost any fire that you might experience in your home.

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Fire Extinguisher Buying Guide

When it comes to buying a fire extinguisher, it’s crucial that you find one that is going to keep you safe. A fire extinguisher needs to be able to extinguish the flames quickly and easily in order to protect both your property and your own personal safety.

There are specific things you should look for when shopping for a fire extinguisher to ensure that you get a product you can trust. Here’s what to keep an eye out for when shopping for a extinguisher.

Fire Extinguisher For Home

Durable Construction

Your extinguisher needs to be durable enough to handle harsh environments, impact damage and corrosion. The material the extinguisher is made from is very important to keep in mind. It should be made using a durable metal that is corrosion resistant to ensure that it lasts for years in any environment.

In particular, the valve and handle should be metal as these are moving parts that can easily break. Fire extinguishers that have a durable construction are much more likely to be rechargeable as well. This means that after you use them, you can take them to a certified fire professional and they can refill them. Each extinguisher has different recharging protocol, so be sure to look at the reading materials that come with your extinguisher for more information. 

Class of Fires

Another extremely important thing to look at when selecting a fire extinguisher is the class of fires that it can handle. There are four fire classes that home and office extinguishers may be designed to put out.

  • Class A fires come from combustible items that are not metal, such as paper, plastic, wood, and rubber.
  • Class B fires start from flammable liquids, like oil, gas, and paints.
  • Class C fires start from electrical equipment.
  • Class K fires typically start in the kitchen and come from cooking oils, greases, animal fat, and vegetable fat.

Many home fire extinguishers are designed to fight fires in class A through C. However, it is advised to have an additional kitchen fire extinguisher, which are designed to tackle class K fires too. These types often use a different chemical agent inside of the extinguisher.

Extinguishing Material

The material inside the fire extinguisher is another important thing to consider when doing your shopping. Many fire extinguishers use foam, which is safe for class A and B fires. They can work on electrical class C fires as well, but are not recommended.

Smaller extinguishers may use pressurized water, which only works for class A fires. Carbon dioxide extinguishers are another option, these typically only work for class B and C fires. The most versatile types of fire extinguishers are dry chemical extinguishers, which contain monoammonium phosphate. These can be formulated to put out a range of different types of fires, usually class A, B, and C.

Home Fire Extinguisher

Size and Weight

The size and weight of your fire extinguisher is also very important to consider. Larger fire extinguishers are usually more powerful, but they can also be very heavy and difficult to store.

Before purchasing a fire extinguisher, it’s important to find out how large it is and how much it weighs so you can decide where to put it. Ideally, you will want a fire extinguisher that fits conveniently in a cabinet or under a sink. The fire extinguisher also shouldn’t be so heavy that you can’t easily use it.

Visible Instructions

To ensure that your fire extinguisher is always used safely, it should have instructions on the outside of the canister that are easy to read. These instructions should be water and smudge proof, and they should also be in large print.


Another important factor to consider is how easy the contents of the fire extinguisher are to clean up once you have finished using it. This depends on a variety of factors, including the spray range of the fire extinguisher as well as the material used in it. Since every fire extinguisher is different, you may need to look up reviews for the specific model you are interested in, or ask a fire professional for their opinion.

Power Ratings

Something else that is important to consider is the power rating of the fire extinguisher. This indicates how much material is inside the fire extinguisher and how far it can spray. Each class of fire extinguisher is rated differently.

Class A fire extinguishers are rated from 1 to 40, which indicates the gallons of water compressed inside. Class B extinguishers are rated from 1 to 640, which indicates the square footage that the extinguisher can cover. Class C fire extinguishers do not have ratings.


It is very important that the fire extinguisher that you choose is non-toxic. Most fire extinguishers today are, but you should still always do research on the exact materials in the fire extinguisher to be completely sure.

Fire Extinguisher For Kitchen

Discharge Time

This indicates how quickly the fire extinguisher will be able to work. Not all extinguishers specify this, but many of them do. A quick discharge time will put out the fire more quickly, but can be difficult to control. Fire extinguishers with a longer discharge range will often have slower discharge times.


Most fire extinguishers come with a warranty for peace of mind. Longer warranties are always beneficial when purchasing a high quality extinguisher. A good warranty for an extinguisher is somewhere around five years.

Fire extinguishers are a must for your home, office, or any other space where you spend a lot of time. You never know when an accident could happen and it is very important to be prepared. It’s vital to make sure you invest in a high quality extinguisher that works well.


In the event of a fire, you will want to be able to put it out as quickly as possible to reduce damage. This will mean having a home fire extinguisher ready and in a reachable place. There are a wide variety of devices available but you will want to ensure your extinguisher is suitable for home use. Most will be a Class type of A, B or C but you may also opt for a kitchen fire extinguisher too, which is a class K type.

All of the recommended extinguishers for home use within this article cover a range of different types, sizes and budgets. It is always best to be prepared than not and unfortunately many people do find this out the hard way.

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