7 Plumbing Tools Homeowners Must Have

Plumbing is the activity of conveying liquids for multiple applications through things such as pipes, tanks and valves. Plumbing tools are therefore very important.

In our everyday life, we often have to do our plumbing ourselves either it be due to not being able to call the plumber or merely having a plumbing emergency.

In short words, plumbing is something every homeowner should familiar with for the sake of the long-term maintenance of the home.

Thus, for this very purpose, there are certain products used by plumbers that can also be used by the homeowner when needed to take care of their home plumbing.

In this write-up, we will be taking a review of 7 of those essential tools required.

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Plungers are the best-known household item to deal with drain clogs due to it being a common occurrence. The plunger’s mechanic works by simple suction and pressure. There are a couple of different types of plungers that must be noted.

Firstly, is the sink standard plunger, and it has a rubber cup and the end of a straight wooden handle.

Secondly, a toilet plunger, this also has a cup but with a flap that folds out from inside the cup.

Thirdly, the accordion plunger, with its unique look it is better suited for clearing clogs due to its small and narrow cup.

Pipe Wrench

There are several types of wrenches that are made to turn threaded pipes and pipe fittings for tightening and loosening. The Stilson pattern wrench is the basic shape of the wrench. A straight pipe wrench can be used on all sorts of pipework.

The end pipe wrench includes ahead at an angle and is designed to be used on all pipes near to the wall. The chain pipe wrench is best used when you have an extremely tight pipe.

These are the three main type of pipe wrenches; also, there are other minor ones as well that include the compound leverage and offset pipe wrench. Pex pipe tools offer a range of these pipe wrenches.


Pincers, hand-worked device for holding and grasping little articles or for twisting and cutting wire. Slip-joint pincers have furrowed jaws, and the turn opening in one part is extended so the part can rotate in both of two situations to get a handle on objects of various size in the best way. On certain forceps, the jaws have a bit that can cut delicate wire and nails.

For bowing wire and slim metal, round-nose forceps with decreasing, tapered jaws are utilized. Inclining cutting forceps are utilized for cutting wire and little pins in zones that can’t be reached by bigger cutting apparatuses.

Since the forefronts are slantingly counterbalanced around 15 degrees, these can cut items flush with a surface.

Drain Snake

A handyman’s snake, or drain snake, is a device that ventures down into funnels to evacuate stop up causing a blockage.

Snakes make up the center ground between basic family unit unclogger and the huge weapons. If you’re managing a stop up unreasonably difficult for your unclogger, at that point a snake is your most obvious opportunity to get it out yourself.

A handyman’s snake is a long, adaptable metal link with a little wood screw or uncoiled spring toward one side and an idea about the other.

The wood screw on the snake appears as though a boring apparatus or a corkscrew. Home handyman’s snakes are as a rule around 50 feet in length.

The link curls up when you’re not utilizing it. Most home handyman’s snakes are hand-worked, and presumably have a rotatable handle or even a wrench.


Hacksaw is hardware for cutting hard substance for the most part metals. A hacksaw can likewise be utilized for cutting materials like wood.

It is a fine-toothed saw having a dainty, wide and straight sharp edge under pressure in a C or likewise can say U moulded metal bow outline, which is movable for fixing to slice as per the need of activity and to oblige cutting edges of various sizes.

Types of this hacksaw include firstly a frame of a board hacksaw is comprised of the profound slender sheet which is adjusted behind the kerf of the cutting edge.

Secondly, a Junior hacksaw is the little form of hacksaw with a sharp edge having half size. Junior hacksaw’s nature of the cutting edge is confined, and it is comprised of straightforward low compound steels. Other mechanic types include power hacksaw.

Pipe Cutter

Pipe and tube cutters are hand-held devices or machines that utilization a turning cutting wheel, sharp edge, or other apparatus head to isolate a long bit of rounded material into at least two sections. Channel and cylinder cutters can be physically, electrically, pneumatically, or powerfully fueled. The sort of shaper utilized relies upon the material, the distance across, and thickness of the funnel or cylinder.

Thread Seal Tape

Plumber’s tape, frequently called Teflon tape, encourages you to get a watertight seal on strung funnel joints. It likewise greases up the association, making the stringing a piece smoother, and it assists with keeping pipes from adhering when you need to dismantle the joint.

Handyman’s tape is extremely simple to utilize. However, there’s a correct way and an incorrect method to apply it.

Thread tapes carry specifics such as density, tensile strength, elongation, dimensions and substrate compatibility.


In this article, I have tried my best to give you a complete and thorough analysis and desorption of all the main seven types of plumbing items you may need in your household.

Through this article, hopefully, you can see the different uses and tasks each of these products involve and what they are.

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