Gas vs Electric Water Heater

When planning to buy your next water heater, you should decide whether you want a gas or an electric water heater. An electric water heater can help you warm your water through its electric resistance coils.

A gas water heater, on the other hand, relies on the burning of a fuel (natural gas) to warm your water. You will incur high-energy bills if you choose an electric water heater.

Consequently, the one that uses natural gas has a fast recovery rate making it ideal for use at homes with large families. Discussed below are other differences between the two appliances that you should know.

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Performance Differences

A typical gas heater takes about one hour to heat a tank with a capacity of 50 gallons. The time the heater takes to reheat the same tank after use is less than the time an electric water heater takes to do the same.

Gas-powered water heaters are also effective even when your grid power is out. If you have a family comprising of more than four members, consider getting this appliance to cope up with your family’s hot water demands.

In terms of performance, the electric water heater has a slower recovery rate, which means that it takes more time to reheat a water tank.

Unlike the gas-powered one that takes one hour to heat a 50-gallon tank, the electric one takes several hours to heat the same tank. The electric ones are also prone to power shortages or outages.

Types of Water Heaters

Most households in North America use large storage tanks to accommodate hot water. The tanks require a lot of time to recover after the household use all the hot water. Tank less water heating options like the electric and gas water heaters are beginning to gain popularity amount North American households. Many people will opt for an under counter water heater that is small in size and provides instant hot water.

Most households like using the condensing boilers as a high efficiency option for gas heaters. Though the condensing boilers are costly, their performance is 20 percent better than traditional gas heaters.

A heat pump device is the most recent option in electric water heating. The device works by extracting heat from the surrounding air to warm water. To offer backup heating, electric resistance coils are part of the device’s structure.

Though they are more expensive to purchase than other heating units are, heat pump units gained popularity in households due to their efficiency.

Lifespan and Cost

Electric and gas heating units have almost the same initial purchasing prices. However, the electric ones are more expensive to use since they use a lot of electricity. You will also incur lots of cash when trying to get an electric heating unit installed. The costs will reflect on the wiring work and need to procure a 220-volt outlet. Depending on how you maintain them and the quality of water they heat, electric water heaters are more durable than the gas-powered ones.

Most consumers go for gas heating units over the electric ones because of their lower operating expenses. Having a gas water heater in your home is quite cheaper than having the one that relies on electricity to operate.

However, you will also incur expenses when installing a gas line and getting rid of exhaust heat. The gas unit has a short lifespan (about 12 years) too. Gas water heaters have a retail price ranging from $250 to $1,500 on Amazon. Consequently, electric water heaters have a price range of $300 to $2,800 on Amazon.

gas vs electric

Water Heater Efficiency

One crucial factor you need to consider as you buy a water-heating unit is its efficiency. Conventional gas storage units tend to be inefficient at times. The inefficiency is as a result of the walls of the storage tank and exhaust gases that come out. Modern condensing units feature two inches of foam insulation surrounding their storage tanks to minimize heat loss and make them more efficient.

Unlike the gas heaters, electric ones are not prone to heat loss. If you are looking for a water-heating unit that is energy efficient, be sure to buy the electric heaters. Remember that you will be incurring high-energy bills as you focus on making your water heating practices more efficient.

Which One Should You Buy?

From the above explanations, we can conclude that the gas water heater is a cheaper water heating option. Households looking to get more efficiency when heating water can use the electric water heater.

The electric water heaters are also durable than the gas water heaters regardless of their high purchasing and operating costs.

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