The Best Hard Hat 2022

Most people dislike wearing a hard hat but there is a wide variety available that are designed for those who wear them on a daily basis. These are all designed for comfort and protection against heat, high voltage and heavy impact

The best hard hat is the MSA 475407 Skullgard, which has been tested to radiant heat load, vertical impacts, dielectric protection and uses a ratchet style suspension.

Choosing a hard hat that provides maximum safety and comfort when in the workplace can be difficult. Be purchasing one that suits your needs, ensure that the safety standards meet the requirements of your workplace.

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Best Hard Hats

Hard HatRatcheting SuspensionSafety
MSA 475407 Skullgard4 PointClass E + G
Ridgeline Full Brim4 PointClass C, E + G
Safety Works 100063184 PointClass E + G
Lift Safety HDF-15NG DAX8 PointClass E + G
Pyramex Standard Shell4 or 6 PointClass E + G

When it comes to protecting your head from injury, you should look out for a hard hat that exceeds safety standards. They protect your head from impact from debris, radiant heat and electric shocks that could be fatal and its worth baring that in mind when making your purchase.

Most workplaces that are in the construction industry have regulations in place that make wearing hard hats compulsory. Therefore, if you have to wear one all day, it makes sense purchasing a premium hat designed with comfort in mind.

Below is a list of the best hard hats that provide comfort and protection against heat, high voltage and heavy impact whilst in the workplace.

MSA 475407 Skullgard Hard Hat

The MSA hard hats are extremely protective and provide a comfortable fit that you can wear all day. They protect against heat, high voltage and severe impact. The suspension allows easy adjustment of the size for a custom fit that feels light on your head and will not slip during the day.

Here are some notable features of the MSA Skullgard Hard Hat.

  • Tested to radiant heat loads up to 350 degrees F.
  • ANSI/CSI type I compliant and class G compliant
  • Protects against vertical impact and penetration
  • Can protect against up to 2,200 volts of shock
  • The ratchet style suspension adjusts quickly
  • Fits from 6.5 to 8 inches
  • Wide brim for extra safety

The 4 point suspension keeps the hat in place and prevents the hat from putting too much pressure on the head, reducing instances of headaches. This MSA Skullguard hard hat will not disappoint and will last many years to come.

Overall, it is a premium example of what is out there but by far the best hard hat available. There is a wide variety of different colors so you can match your uniform or even just express your personal style.

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Ridgeline Full Brim Hard Hat

Pyramex Ridgeline hard hat is designed to provide the perfect combination of safety, comfort and style while you are on the job. The thoughtful design addresses some of the most common problems hard hat wearers encounter while on the job, like slipping, headaches, hair pulling and more.

Here are some of the notable features of the Ridgeline Hard Hat by Pyramex Safety.

  • Meets ANSI standards type I, class C, G, E
  • Made from light but protective ABS resin material
  • Adjustable ratchet suspension
  • Soft brow pad
  • Comes in 15 different colors

This hard hat is a reliable option for workers in many different types of manual jobs. The suspension has 4 different adjustment points and the low profile design sits comfortably while still allowing great visibility. The Ridgeline hard hat is a comfortable and stylish choice that will give you the protection you need on the job.

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Safety Works Full Brim Hard Hat

The Safety Works full brim hard hat is an affordable choice that still provides you with the functionality and comfort you need at work. It has a full brim around the entire helmet to keep you protected from the elements without impeding your line of sight.

Here are some of the notable specs of the Safety Works hard hat.

  • Ratchet suspension with nylon crown suspension straps
  • Lightweight and Adjustable size for comfort
  • Protective brim around entire hat
  • Made with high-density polyurethane shell
  • Moisture absorbing sweatband
  • Meets ANSI class E, type I requirements

If you need a durable and comfortable hard hat at a reasonable price point, the Safety Works full brim hard hat is a good choice. It comes in a sleek white color and is designed with long-term comfort in mind.

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Lift Safety HDF-15NG DAX Hard Hat

The Lift Safety hard hat is a very durable and well-crafted choice for anyone who works in an industrial setting. The resin shell is reinforced with fiber, so it is extra durable and can protect against heat and impact. The interior is designed for superior comfort, and the brim circles the entire hat for extra protection.

Here are some of the notable features of the Lift Safety HDF-15NG DAX hard hat.

  • Resin shell reinforced with fiber
  • Synthetic leather comfort dome inside
  • Shock absorbing molded EVA foam insert
  • Ratcheting fit system can be used with gloves on
  • 8 point suspension system
  • 5 neutral color options
  • Meets class G standards
  • Moisture wicking foam includes to reduce sweating

For those that use gloves in their work place on a regular basis, the adjustment system can be easily changed with your gloves still on. This may seem minor but it can make a big difference when it comes to the usability of the hat.

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Pyramex Cap Style Standard Shell Hard Hat

This is another reliable hard hat from the reputable Pyramex Safety brand. This alternative hard hat is a cap style with the front brim on the front of the hat and is designed for those on a budget. Pryamex also allow various suspension systems for this hat so that you are able to choose based from your own requirements.

Here are some of the notable features of the Pyramex Cap Style hard hat.

  • Polyethylene construction provides impact protection
  • Brim allows rain and snow to flow directly off
  • Snap lock or ratcheting suspension
  • Available as a 4 or 6 point system
  • Low profile design
  • 13 color choices

The comfortable, tight fit makes this style of construction helmet a favorite among many workers and offers great value for money. Many people also appreciate the stylish color options, which really stand out from other hard hats.

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Hard Hat Buying Guide

When you’re at work in a warehouse, construction site or in another industrial setting, you need a hard hat that is going to keep you safe without fail.

Investing in a high quality hard hat is an absolute must if there’s any chance you might need that extra bit of protection. As technology has improved with further research and development, so have hard hat in the way they are constructed. Below is an excellent example provided by that displays the the additional accessories that help improve protection and comfort.

Hard Hard Construction

As you can see from the above image, there is a lot more parts involved in a hard hat that you would expect. Of course, not all hard hats are created equal – here’s what you should look for when shopping for one to ensure that you stay safe.

Certified Protection

When you are working in a dangerous environment, you don’t want to mess around with cheap protection when it comes to protecting your head. You should always make sure that your hard hat is ANSI/CSI compliant for the type of work that you are doing.

Hard hats come in three different classes. Class E is electrical, class C is conductive, and class G is general. The hard hat needs to be able to protect you from intense levels of impact, high temperature equipment and high voltages.

Of course, some hard hat are designed for more specific tasks and may require further shopping around. It is always advised to buy the best hard hat for its intended purpose and avoid those that provide basic safety.
Vented Hard Hat


The material of your hard hat is constructed from is going to significantly affect how well it protects you and its comfort. Some of the most common materials used in hard hats include fiberglass, aluminum, and polyethylene.

All of these are extremely safe and durable, so you can’t really go wrong with any of them. Fiberglass and polyethylene are much lighter, while aluminum is heavier, but much better for heat protection.

Regardless of which material you opt for, it should be light enough that it doesn’t cause a headache, but still needs to be extremely durable to protect you from impact, heat, and other threats you might experience while on the job. 

Fit and Suspension System

The fit of the hat is another aspect that is very important to look at, because you will be wearing it for an extended period of time. First of all, look at the sizing options available (you may need to measure your head). If the hat is too tight, you could get headaches, but if it’s too loose, you run the risk of it slipping around.

Next, you will need to look at the suspension system. The suspension on the hard hat is what keeps it from putting too much pressure on your skull and forehead. There are a few different types of suspension systems to choose from.

A ratchet suspension system is one of the most common, and this allows you to tighten the suspension just by twisting a knob. Other common suspension systems are pin lock, swing and a few others that are patented by their manufacturer.

You will also want to look at how many points there are on your suspension system. Ideally, you should have 6 points of suspension, but two and four points are fine as well. The more suspension points you have, the safer you will be if you experience an impact. This is because the suspension points distribute the impact to protect you.

Safety Hard Hat


Since you are going to be wearing your hard hat for long periods of time while at work, it is important that you pick a product that is comfortable and supportive. Many hard hats come with supportive padding on the inside which makes them much more comfortable to wear.

If you are worried about the pressure and weight of wearing a hard hat all day, this is a helpful feature to look for. If you work in a very warm environment, you might also want to look for a hat that has ventilation holes, mesh or a moisture-absorbing fabric on the inside. This will help keep you cool and sweat free throughout the day.


There are a few different design options to choose from when it comes to picking a hard hat, and in particular, you can select from a few different brim designs. Some people prefer a brim that goes all the way around the hat for extra protection, while others prefer the lighter design of just a front brim.

Regardless of which brim you choose, it’s important that you still have good visibility when you are out on the job. It’s also helpful to look for a hat that naturally siphons away any snow or rain if you work outdoors. There are times when you will be working in unpleasant conditions, and you don’t want to be cold and wet during your construction shift. 

Color and Design

Just because you are working an industrial job doesn’t mean you need to compromise your style. Many hard hats nowadays come in a wide range of colors and styles. Look for an option that fits your personal style or matches with your uniform. Wearing a hat you like will help you stay positive during long work days.


Your safety is extremely important when working in an industrial environment, and you shouldn’t take chances with the quality of your hard hat. It’s worth investing in a safety helmet that you know you can trust to protect you in the event of an emergency. You also shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for safety – there are many great hard hats available that can do both.

All of our recommendations cover a wide variety of designs and are suited to a range of work places. Hard hats really is not something you want to look for the cheapest option for. They protect your head and if you have previously damaged your head in a work place, you will understand the importance of a hard hat.

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