5 Best Mechanical Pencils 2022

Mechanical pencils have been around for centuries but have seen vast improvements in the last decade or so due to technological advances. If you were a website designer, you would require a computer and the same can be said for architects, artists or graphic designers as they will require a mechanical pencil.

The best mechanical pencil is the rOtring 1904447 800, which comes with either a 0.5 mm or 0.7 mm lead and is intuitively designed for a range of applications.

In terms of the cost of mechanical pencils, they really do vary with high end brands charging much more than the average cost. However, if it something that you use on a daily basis, it really does make sense to invest in the best you can find.

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Best Mechanical Pencil

Mechanical PencilLead SizePocket Safe
rOtring 8000.5 & 0.7 mmYes
Pentel Sharp Kerry0.5 & 0.7 mmYes
Uni Kuru Toga0.5 mmNo
Parker JOTTER0.5 mmYes
Tombow Zoom 5050.9 mmYes

There are various pencils that target different requirements. For example, if you are looking for a pencil for drawing designs and so forth, you will want a fine point, which would normally be associated with a 0.5 mm lead. As you can imagine, the list of lead choices is huge and different for certain types of drawing and writing.

If you are still using a wooden pencil as an architect or contractor, you should really be looking to upgrade to the recommendations in this article for instant results.

They have come on along way over the last few years and right now is the best time to invest into one of the latest examples. Below is a list of the best pencils that offer a wide variety of lead choices and additional features.

Rotring 800 Retractable Mechanical Pencil

Best Mechanical Pencil
Rotring is the Rolls Royce brand in the mechanical pencil world and is targeting those that simply want the ultimate experience of pure precision.

The 800 model has a full metal body construction for additional balance of weight and feeling, which also gives it extra durability.

It uses a twist and click mechanism in order to retract the lead and sleeve, which means it will be safe in your pocket. In terms of the grip, it has a non-slip metal knurled grip and it is a hexagonal shape, which makes it easier to control.

Rotring offer the 800 model in either a black or silver barrel with the choice of a 0.5 or 0.7 mm lead. Overall, the 800 model is vast improvement compared with the previous 600 model, which was also very popular.

The Rotring 800 is the best mechanical pencil for drawing technical pieces and although expensive, it is definitely a worthwhile investment.

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Pentel Sharp Kerry Mechanical Pencil

Mechanical Pencil
Pentel produce a range of pencils but the Sharp Kerry model is one of the most elegant mechanical pencils you will be able to find and not one that you will lend out to others for sure.

It is handcrafted with watchmaker tools for the ultimate precision and it even comes with a cap, which for a pencil is unusually but very useful.

You can purchase the Pentel pencil as a bundle (pencil, lead and erasers) or just the pencil with the choice of 0.5 or 0.7 mm lead.

If you are looking for a good looking pencil that you can bring to meetings, this Pentel Sharp Kerry pencil is ideal. It is not jut looks that it has to offer, it is heavy enough (2.4 LBS) to produce a precision line but still easy to handle.

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Uni Kuru Toga Roulette Pencil

best mechinacal pen
The Uni Kuru Toga Roulette Model is a cheap pencil that is only available with a 0.5 mm lead and a gun metal or silver body. In terms of the body, the lower section including the grip is metal and the upper half is hardened plastic.

In terms of whether it retracts the lead in this pencil, it does but the tip is fixed, which means it may not be as safe as the alternative above when inside your pocket.

Overall, the Uni Kuru Toga Roulette Model is the best cheap mechanical pencil you can buy, which has a few flaws but considering the low cost, you have the ability to purchase a couple compared to just one of the above.

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Parker JOTTER Stainless Steel Mechanical Pencil

Top Mechanical Pencil
Parker are known for their high quality pens but many people don’t realize that they also offer mechanical pencils. They offer the same high standards as you would expect from the Parker pens with a sleek stainless steel construction, which is designed for a lifetimes use.

There is only one lead choice, which is 0.5 mm and it is fully retractable, which means that it is pocket safe. It only comes as a pen and pencil combo but it still offers excellent value for money.

Overall, it is a classy pencil with a big brand backing it, which people will spot if you are in a meeting. In terms of its performance, it is easy to grip and the fine point lead makes technical drawings easier to create.

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Tombow Zoom 505 Mechanical Pencil

Amazing Mechanical Pencil
The Tombow Zoom 505 uses the largest lead size at 0.9 mm and has a cap to put over the lead, which makes it pocket safe. There is also an eraser that is located at the back of the pencil for erasing errors in your drawings.

The extra width of the body of the pencil and larger lead size makes this Tombow Zoom 505 model very desirable. It is only available with a silver body but this is not a big issue for most people.

Overall, if you are looking for a wide mechanical pencil that is durable and has a larger lead compatibility, then the Tombow Zoom 505 is ideal.

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Mechanical Pencil Buying Guide

Mechanical pencils are used by thousands of people everyday. However, how can you choose the right mechanical pencil that will fit your needs? We have compiled a simple buyer’s guide for this inquiry that will help you in your future purchase of mechanical pencils. Since there are so many pencils on the market, deciding what one would best fit your needs is essential. Therefore, take these tips and next time you are purchasing a mechanical pencil you will have a stronger understanding what type will work best with your daily use and projects.

Before we discuss what mechanical pencils will be the best for the project you are undertaking, there needs to be an understanding of what the primary uses the mechanical pencils can provide. The reason for this is that mechanical pencils are not like the original woodcase pencils or even the lead holders from back in the primitive days that we used consistently.

Main Functions

With the mechanical pencil, technology has grown since the primitive days. There are three main functions and uses that a mechanical pencil can provide.

  1. Sharpening

The first is a quality of the mechanical pencil that improves manual sharpening. A mechanical pencil, there is no sharpening that is required.

  1. Line and Balance

Using a mechanical pencil, the user is allowed to make more solid width lines, instead of when using a woodcased pencil it varies with how sharp it is. If the woodcase pencils are first sharpened, the lead is fine lined, and over time, it thickens. Using a mechanical pencil also allows the user to consistently hold the pencil the same way and draw more consistent lines. The woodcase pencils balance only get smaller over time because of consistent sharpening, causing an imbalance and unnatural feel when writing.

  1. Refilable

Last, the mechanical pencil provides a refillable mechanism. The woodcase pencils always had to be sharpened to use, however, the mechanical pencils allow the user to refill the lead without any loss of product. You can even use the ends of the lead with a mechanical pencil when they are at the end. The new lead sticks in the mechanical pencils just push the older lead down and allow the new lead to be started without sharpening. To top all that off, there are so many new designs of the mechanical pencils, that options are unlimited.

Types of Mechanical Pencils

Therefore, since the mechanical pencil has a fantastic function, what are the different types of mechanical pencils? There are so many quality mechanical pencils that you can buy. However, there are a few traits that need to be considered for different projects uses when choosing a mechanical pencil.

For example, if you decide to purchase a twist click mechanical pencil, they work well with projects that are capable of using a ballpoint pen, only since it is a pencil, you have the ability to erase imperfections. Some of the traits that need to have an understanding, of the different mechanical pencils, are the following: mechanisms, erasers, price, and lead size. All of which are essential to your writing style and projects.

Great Mechanical Pencil

Different Mechanisms of a Mechanical Pencil

Once of the first mechanical pencils was crafted of a screw-based mechanism, which would drive the lead down the shaft by screwing the top of the shaft. At the same time, another mechanical pencil was created were the ratchet based mechanical pencils with thin lead.

The ratchet based allowed the lead to drive on their own down the shafts of the mechanical pencil. This was revolutionary for the public. Both products of the mechanical pencils made an everlasting effect on productivity.

Finding a quality mechanical pencil can help you determine what type of mechanism it incorporates for each of your projects. There are auto-feed mechanical pencils and shaker mechanical pencils.

With the auto feed mechanical pencils, the lead is drove into the shaft automatically, you usually will not even notice when it has been replaced as it is a swift transition of old lead vs new. A shaking mechanical pencil, allows a weight inside the shaft to push the lead down with clicks of the users fingers.

Mechanical Pencil Erasers

Another trait to consider is the mechanical pencil eraser. Now most people would not understand what difference this makes, however it is critical for some users. If you are using a mechanical pencil for artwork, then the eraser needs to be just as important as the lead choice.

There are choices in this matter of extendable erasers for those who need more usability with correcting the errors or using the erasers for blurring techniques. Next time you are looking for your mechanical pencil, decide if you need to have a eraser that is larger and can last for multiple projects.

Types of Lead

As mentioned earlier, the lead size is just as important for users of a mechanical pencil as the pencil itself. There are various sizes to choose from, however, you need to match your mechanical pencil to that specific lead size.

If you find a thin lead size, and use it in an improperly, it could get stuck or fall through when attempting to use the pencil. So make sure when you are choosing you mechanical pencil, see what size lead it holds so you know exactly what lead to refill it with.

A good example for particular lead size would be artists. If you need to make fine lines or create detailed pictures, a thin lead mechanical pencil would be ideal. However, if you are looking to make larger more impressionable lines, for uses such as business notes, then a thicker lead would be more practicable. There are different sizes to choose from, they come in sizes such as 7mm or 5mm.

Recently, in modern times, there are leads that have been created that are smaller and larger compared to the original 7mm and 5mm for different uses. It is up to you to decide what size of mechanical pencil to use. However, make sure you know the width of the lead before you purchase, to enhance your project and get the correct lead that the pencil requires to use.

Overall Design

There are so many mechanical pencils on the market. However, not all of the designs will be the best fit for you. You can determine what one would be good for you with any additional design features that it carries such as grip hold or amount of lead it can carry.

If you find a mechanical pencil that has a great grip attached to it, it may be a much better mechanical pencil for drawing. However, there are some mechanical pencils that can hold more stick of lead, which would be good for business men or contractors, who are always needing a mechanical pencil on hand.

Either way, there is a perfect mechanical pencil for everyone and for every style of project. There is always a great quality design pencil that will work out perfectly for each of those said projects to find in today’s market. Find one that best suits your profession and writing style.

Positives and Negatives

Now some people still believe that a mechanical pencil is not as practical as the old woodcase pencils. In which, depending on the project they are doing, they could be correct. However, there are always positives and negatives to every product. For example, if you use a mechanical pencil to blur a piece of artwork, it might not work as much as the old fashioned woodcase pencil. The reason for this is that the lead can break if it is placed at an odd angle on the paper.

Nerveless, if you use a woodcase pencil, you have the ability to flatten it sideways to obtain the blurring effect on your artwork. Then again, this is argued, because if you hold your mechanical pencil with control and lightness, you can obtain the same desired effect. Using a mechanical pencil does take precision and technique if you are an artist. However, once perfected the handling of a mechanical pencil, you can maximize on all the benefits that a mechanical pencil can do for you.

If you are a businessperson, than using a mechanical pencil is ideal, compared to the old-fashioned woodcase pencils. Again, there are always positives and negatives to each item. An executive can take a mechanical pencil and click it a few times to jot down a note on the go, and know that there is additional lead if it were to break off. If you were using an old woodcase pencil and the tip broke off, then you would have to either one, go find a sharpener, or two, use a sharpener they have and cause an unnecessary mess. With that said, the positives function that a mechanical pencil can be for you would be great to carry around as a businessperson, because it allows security and accessibility.


Using a mechanical pencil is very popular in the construction and artists space as they are easier to use for such tasks. It gives the same functions of an old woodcase pencil, but it is just more advanced and efficient.

Moreover, to top that off it can be refilled on the go. There are even functions of a mechanical pencil that allow the user to push the lead back inside the shaft, to save lead if you are moving from one place to another.


To conclude, a mechanical pencil will last longer than the old woodcase pencils and can contribute to uses for modern day projects. In addition, many mechanical pencils have innovative features of overall design, lead sizing, eraser, and pricing to make picking out one easier.

When you look for a quality mechanical pencil, remember to follow these simple guidelines:

  • Know what project you are looking to achieve with the mechanical pencil
  • Think about usability and comfort
  • Think about the size lead you will want to use. If it is for an intricate project, you want to get the thinner lead mechanical pencils. Moreover, if it were for quick notes or artistic blurs, a thicker lead would be a great option.
  • Know what type of mechanism that you want. If you want one that will just automatically put the lead in the shaft. On the other hand, if you are ok with shaking a mechanical pencil to refill the shaft.

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