11 Different Types of Light Switches and Fixtures

Light switches and fixtures are an important and crucial part of all homes. If they don’t match the theme decoration of your home, it could give a very bad impression.

Other than style, they can also be characterized in terms of the type of process used in them for operation. Traditionally used switches were simple and used quick-break mechanisms.

The toggle switches have since been evolved into many different types. In this write-up, we’ll discuss different types of light switches and fixtures, from most innovative to classic ones.

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Different Types of Light Switches and Fixtures 

The following are some classic ones and variations in the conventional models which you might come across in the market.

1. Toggle Switch

When you think about a light switch, the first thing that comes to your mind is a toggle switch. They are the simplest type of light switches, which are very easy to install. They are found in almost every room of every house and are easy to use.

The method is quite simple, flip it down to turn on the light and flip up to turn it off. Vice versa can be applicable in some areas too.

Some modern versions of light switches use smartphone connectivity. You can sync the switch with your device and adjust the timing of switching.

2. Push Button Light Switch

Push-button light switches are probably the second most common switches you will come around. You can find it in many homes, especially in the bathrooms.

Sometimes they are connected to light and sometimes to the exhaust fan also. There are two types of push-button light switches. One type remains in position after being pressed, and the other gets back to a nominal position

Some come with a led installed to them, which turns on when electricity is passing, making it easy to recognize errors.

3. Proximity Light Switch

These switches are sensor-based and are very eco-friendly. They will turn the light ON when someone is present in the room and turn it OFF if there’s no one in there.

These types of switches save up a lot of electricity as well. This type may not be entertained by some people who like to live in dimmer places.

You can use this switch in your living room, which Is supposed to be illuminated when anyone is present. It is pretty easy to install, so that won’t be a problem.

4. LED Dimmer Switches

This light can really be set according to your mood. Different people have different mood sets for different types of light. Some people would argue that dim light sometimes is the best mood setter.

As opposed to that, other people would say bright lights are more charismatic. This really depends upon your choice. No matter what your mood at the time being is, with led dimmer switches, you can have whatever you want.

They come in a variety of designs. Some have torch switches for convenient conversion, and some have up and down buttons. Some even come with special buttons for special occasions.

5. Motion Conscious Light Switch

There’s a chance that you know these switches. They are mostly activated by some type of motion. You can find it on someone’s porch so that whenever you come across, the light turns ON.

This light is also beneficial for security reasons. It will keep you safe from people sneaking around in the night. You can find motion-sensitive lights with a switch, and it is easy to install.

6. Sound Activated Light Switch

As the name suggests, these types of switches are sound sensitive. These switches can cover for the issue when people don’t want to be lightly turned ON as soon as they get in but also want to avoid the effort.

You can set up a particular sound to be sensed by the switch, and it will operate accordingly, such as ‘lights ON’ for switching on and ‘Lights OFF’ for switching off as you might have seen in the movies.

7. Ceiling Light Fixtures

One of the most common light fixtures that one comes across are ceiling light fixtures. They are very comfortable and can light a whole living room.

It can light a lot of areas without taking any much space. You can also decorate your house with them by setting them according to your house theme.

8. Chandelier

These are rather a classic type of light fixtures, which are mostly found in vintage design homes such as Spanish designs. They give a dignified look and cover a lot of area.

Chandeliers can be located mostly in the dining halls where they are most suited. However, they come in different designs and sizes.

9. Fan Ceiling Lights

These lights are installed in the fan ceilings and are not very common. They can come handy when you have less space and are looking for multi-tasking slots i.e., fans and lights in the same place.

10. Vanity Lights

These lights can be found in bathrooms. They are specially designed for the purpose of helping in getting ready and dress yourself up. They come in different lengths, and you can choose according to your washrooms.

11. Track Lights

These are rather an innovative type of light fixtures that have become quite common in the present days. They come in a variety of styles for your living rooms, gardens, porch, and even pathways across your house.

They are basically used to project light and can highlight a specific object in a room. They are very eco-friendly for this reason.


Here is your easy-go guide for different types of lights and fixtures that you can easily accommodate in your home designs. Make sure to look for the theme of your house and your requirements before choosing one for your home. Good luck!

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