5 Best Rotary Laser Level Kits 2022

The rotary laser level is a step above the standard laser levels because they transmit beams at 360 degrees with a lot more power. These are mostly used by professional on the jobsite that require the upmost accuracy at a range of angles.

The best rotary laser level is the Johnson Level & Tool 99-006K Kit, which is a 360 degree, self leveling rotary laser level with 1/8 of an inch of accuracy at 50 feet.

Rotary laser levels offer a range of uses from ensuring foundations are level, setting sills and doorways, measuring slopes and a range of domestic uses. It is a worthwhile investment for those that work on much larger projects.

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Best Rotary Laser Levels

Rotary Laser LevelAccuracyMax Range
Johnson Level & Tool 99-006K1/8 Inch800 Feet
DEWALT DW079LG1/16 Inch2,000 Feet
Topcon RL-VH4DR GC1/16 Inch984 Feet
Spectra Precision LL5001/16 Inch1,600 Feet
Iglobalbuy Red Laser1/8 Inch1,640 Feet

They offer a variety of benefits over the standard levels, which include simplicity, can be used for both small and large projects, eliminates the need to mark guidelines and much more. There is a large array of rotary laser levels available with each offering complete packages, which include tripods, batteries and more.

The cost of rotary laser levels is a major setback for many people but investing in a top rated example will see your woke rate increase. Ensuring that the level you choose has a long range and is accurate are the two most important factors to consider.

Whether you are looking to spend as little as possible or require the ultimate device you can buy, there is a wide variety to choose from. Below is a list of the best rotary laser levels that offer a long range and precision accuracy for large projects.

Johnson Level & Tool 99-006K

The Johnson Level & Tool Rotary Laser Level kit contains everything that you need to perform all leveling applications. This includes anything from aligning fence posts to laying out retaining walls.

It is a self leveling rotary laser system that has an accuracy of 1/8 of an inch at 50 feet. You are able to switch between different RPM’s depending upon the situation you are using the device in. For example, if you are indoors, a lower RPM would be used over a larger RPM. There is a choice of 200, 400 and 600 RPM at your disposable.

Included within the 99-006K package is the laser itself, laser detector, tripod, safety glasses and other accessories. It really is the complete package and you will be hard to find another kit at such great value.

Overall, the Johnson Level & Tool 99-006K is the best rotary laser level for the money with a high performance and value for money combination. Of course, there are other models that will out perform this setup but you will be spending a lot more money for a small performance boost.

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DEWALT DW079LG Rotary Laser Level

Dewalt offer a wide range of laser levels from ones suitable for those on a budget to the ultimate examples. The DW079LG is the most expensive rotary laser level in this article but it is worth the extra.

In terms of the standout statistics, it has a range of 2,000 feet with the detector and 250 feet without. At 100 feet range, it has 1/16 of an inch accuracy, which is very impressive.

With such an expensive device that will be subject to tough conditions on the jobsite, it needs to be durable. Dewalt claim that their rotary laser level can be dropped from a height of 2 meters and still survive. On top of this, it is rated IP67 for dust and water resistance and for peace of mind, you are covered by a 3 year limited warranty.

TheDEWALT DW079LG is not suitable for a novice user but more for professional use. It is the most durable rotary laser level that can withstand the tough jobsite conditions and perform to the highest of standards.

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Topcon focus the majority of their tools within the construction laser industry and the majority are premium examples designed for professionals. The RL-VH4DR is one of their latest rotary laser levels that has an impressive range at 984 feet and is suitable for the most rugged of environments.

With this rotary laser level, you are able to do horizontal, vertical or plumb jobs and it will return the same great performance for each application.

Included within the Topcon RL-VH4DR is the rotary laser, detector, holder, bracket and a wireless remote control. The purpose of the control is to allow you to have complete control whilst away from the device, which can be up to 300 feet. It has two way communication, which allows for both HI alerts and battery power confirmation.

Overall, it is an expensive example but with the Topcon RL-VH4DR, you are given a 5 year manufacturer warranty for peace of mind. At 65 feet, the accuracy is 1/16 of an inch, which is as expected at this price bracket.

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Spectra Precision Laser LL500

Spectra Precision are another premium brand in the rotary laser level space with a whole range of devices suitable for those on a budget and those who are not. This LL500 model is on the higher end of things with a rather large price tag.

In terms of the performance statistics, it has an accuracy at 100 feet of 1/16 of an inch and a maximum range of 1,600 feet. If you require a long range rotary laser level, the LR500 model by Spectra Precision would be ideal.

In terms of the battery life, it uses a 4D cell batteries, which provide at least 80 hours of usage and it comes with a respectable 2 year warranty.

Overall, it is the longest rotary laser level you can buy at a reasonable price and it has the accuracy to match. Although the extra range is the unique selling point, many people will not require such distance. Therefore, you can go for a cheaper alternative such as the Dewalt rotary laser level instead, which has the same amount of battery life and accuracy.

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Iglobalbuy Rotary Rotating Red Laser Level Kit

If you are looking for a cheap rotary laser level and simply do not have the budget to stretch to the Johnson Level & Tool alternatives, the Iglobalbury may be the best buy. Although it is not a main stream brand, it does offer everything you need at a fraction of the cost when compared against the others within this article.

It has a self leveling range of up to 5 degrees with electronic vials and position motors. A nice feature that comes with this package is the remote control, which can be used to carry out all functions.

The performance is not too bad either as it has a range of 1,640 feet when using the laser detector and an accuracy of 1/8 of an inch.

Build quality is an issue that it may suffer from being a cheap rotary laser level. With just a rating of IP 54 for water and dust resistance, question marks may be raised and the same can be said with the laser level class of just 1 instead of class II.

Overall, it is hard to complain against the build quality because it is a low cost device with 2 years warranty for peace of mind. If you are on a budget, the Iglobalbury rotary laser level is perfect.

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Rotary Laser Level Buying Guide

When you are into construction, or you chose to be an engineer, a laser level beam is a handy investment. Laser level beams come in different types, and they all offer various advantages over each other.

A rotary laser level is the best in giving the most dependable laser levels. They provide a horizontal line beam covering an entire room at almost 360 degrees. Of course with such power, they do not come cheap, but they are also larger in comparison to the other two types.

Also, they are useful even outdoors though for an outdoor rotary laser, a laser detector is necessary to enable you to see the beam in the daylight. They can also rotate up to 1000 times in a minute, and the laser beam can reach up to 2000 feet.

The rotary laser beam is currently the most accurate in the market and comes in various types and they are the following:

Line Level Lasers

Also referred to as laser level generators, they emit a beam which resembles a level line to your work area. They cover a wide angle range of around 130 degrees on a horizontal line and 160 degrees on a vertical line.

They can produce split beams and dual beams. A split beam helps in plumb and leveling because it emits both vertical and horizontal lines. They are most effective indoors due to their short coverage are, but it can also be used outside, though daylight may make it difficult to see the laser.

Plumb Lasers

They are the cheapest available, and their power is deficient. They only give you a dot as a point of reference.

Background of a Rotary Laser Level

A laser level is a tool used mainly in engineering and construction to control laser beams. You have the option of fixing it to a tripod, and when leveled, depending on its accuracy, it gives a red or green beam attached along the vertical or horizontal axis. The beam of light, similar to a chalk line, ensures that things are well oriented.

The size of the diode varies the width of the beam and the narrower the beam, the more precision you get. Traditionally, laser levels had limited power which in turn reduced their purpose to indoor projects, since the light they used then was easily seen in the limited light.

Nowadays, the power of the laser level has tremendously increased their use for both indoors and outdoors purposes. In fact, the advanced levels are behind some of the most massive construction projects in the world, such as skyscrapers and dams, among others.

The rotary laser level permits exact leveling of a room simultaneously. The laser lines it beams out form a 360 degrees circle when put at the center of the room. The chalk line it draws appears on all walls at the same time, or on the surfaces, it is meant to level such as the ceiling and floor.

It may come with a kit that includes a pair of tinted goggles so that you can see the red beams well and a carrying case. Some models are so small that you can comfortably fit them in your pocket, but most of them are heavy and big.

The bigger they are in size, the more expensive they become. Also, the more sophisticated they are, the more money you have to spend. The rotary laser level that provides more features than other laser levels will, of course, be more expensive too.

Leveling of the Rotary Laser Level

The rotary laser level has different methods of leveling, and as you search for the best one that works for you, it is wise to consider how you would like yours to level.

Manual Leveling

In this instance, it is for the user to level the laser by adjusting it to the bubble vials incorporated in the laser. The higher the quality of the bottles, the more accurate you can level, but of course even your eye will come into play when checking the accuracy of the device. Its accuracy can go up to 1/8 of an inch per 30 feet. The best feature of this unit is that it is the cheapest available.

Its only downside is that because you level it manually, it can take a little longer to set up.

Self Leveling

This type levels itself using a pendulum and magnets. It is better than the manual regarding accuracy since its precision is about 1/8th inch per 100 ft.

Electronic Self Leveling

It is the most accurate you can get in the market with the accuracy of a 1/16th inch for every 100 feet.

Working Range

The distance that a laser level covers are in diameter feet, implying the 360-degree range in which you are. The rotary laser level is usually at the center, so the distance in any given direction is the radius. With a laser detector, the diameter can go up to 2,000 feet, but if using it inside, the range can be higher, if at all you can see the laser.

Using a Rotary Laser Level

It is possible to buy the device but still not know how to use it correctly. As you make your choice, here is a how-to-use guide to ensure you get the best results from your device.

Setting up your laser level: the rotary laser level is most effective when placed on an elevated flat surface. You can, therefore, put it on a tripod or improvise with any other household item like buckets. Once elevated, place it on your chosen flat surface and switch it on.

If dealing with a manual leveling, it is best to consult the manual to ensure you follow the right procedure. However, if you have a self-leveling laser level, give it time to find a level, a process that can take seconds.

Once the receiver begins to beep, you will get the indication that it has connected with the laser since you will not see it in daylight. Aim the level at the surface on which you want to find a level then mark lines to guide you in installation.

Uses of a Rotary Laser Level

The height of skyscrapers has over the years increased, and the advancement in leveling technology has made this possible. There can never be absolute perfection, but this device has gotten us closer to it. The laser level has many uses including:

Hanging décor at home or in the office – it is quite upsetting to see a beautiful painting or picture on the wall, but it is tilting to one side. The laser level helps in ensuring that your décor is as impressive as you intend it to be.

Leveling your backyard – it can be annoying when you want to enjoy the view of the sunset in the comfort of your garden, but every time you want to sit, the chair seems to be on a mission to make you fall. This problem can be quickly dealt with a laser level when leveling your backyard.

Leveling a foundation for new home construction – imagine moving into your new home only to find that the water keeps pooling to one side of the bathroom all because you did not level it properly.

Installing tiles to your home or office – tiles add to the glamour of your space but only if correctly installed so investing in a laser level when doing so could save you the embarrassment of having to explain to your guest why some tiles look off.

Installing window sills – it can be frustrating trying to close your window, but it will not get shut entirely because the ledge seems to be unleveled. A laser level is handy in this instance to guarantee the security of your home.

Factors To Consider

Everything has its advantages and downside, but we all must choose one to serve the purpose for which we need it. There are many rotary laser levels in the market and to make sure you get the right one for you, you should consider a few factors:

Range: laser levels have different fields, some long and others short. Private homes and properties may require you to buy a laser with a 2000+ range while constructing a highway may require a different range altogether.

Battery life: if you are always on the go, it’s crucial to invest in a laser level with long battery life, but if you intend to have few home constructions, then a short battery life laser level will serve you. The recent models use Lithium-ion batteries, unlike the traditional models that use AA, C and D batteries. These newer models last longer but will cost you more when you need to replace.

Storage case: if you will be on the move, then transporting the laser level will be necessary therefore it is essential to get one that has a sturdy storage unit to minimize or eliminate damage.

Warranty: a warranty ensures that you can get replacement or repair when needed, so it is essential to buy a laser level that has an extended warranty to ensure you have protection for a long time.

Build quality: if the unit is under many hands since maybe it is for use in a construction site, or in a construction site that exposes it to too heavy duty smashing, it is essential to purchase a laser level with a reliable build quality otherwise you will be buying one after every use.

Indoor projects: it is best to buy a multiple line laser since it works well lining up your home fixtures and décors like cabinet and pictures respectively.

Outdoor projects: if you plan to use your laser level for outdoor projects, it is wise to buy a tripod along with it for elevation and securing purposes to get precision even when on uneven surfaces and measuring long distances. It is also appropriate to buy some colored goggles to enable you to see the beam of light in the bright outdoor light.

Your Usage

Everyone purchases a product for his use that suits his personal preferences. It comes in handy when deciding which laser level to buy. For instance, if you are a homeowner or a handyman who works alone, the best level for you is the one which creates a straight line through a continuous horizontal or vertical beam of light, on a flat surface such as the floor or wall.

With such a laser level, you have your hands free to do any home construction easily. Also, with necessary house renovation, the most basic model is more than suitable to help you though it is never too early to invest in an upgraded version, just in case you need a long range beam.


A rotary laser level is an investment whether you are undertaking some individual home projects to beautify your yard, or you are a professional engineer in a vast construction site looking to have the next skyscraper in your city. It will save you a headache and embarrassment of uneven surfaces. However, even with its usefulness, it is advisable to consider the above factors before you go buy yourself one of these devices.

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