5 Best Table Saws 2022

Table saws uses a circular saw blade that is driven via an electric motor in order to cut through materials with great accuracy. There is a variety of types available that suit anybody from the average DIY’er to the professional woodworker.

The best table saw is the DEWALT DWE7480XA, which uses a powerful 15 amp motor that deliver 4,800 RPM to the 10 inch blade for superior cutting capabilities.

Unlike a cordless circular saw, table saws require more space to work with but have the benefits of more precise cutting. Choosing between the two will be dependent upon your budget and type of cutting you wish to achieve.

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Best Table Saw For The Money

Table SawTypeMax Speed
DEWALT DWE7480XACompact4,800 RPM
Bosch GTS1031Bench Top5,000 RPM
DEWALT DWE7491RSJobsite4,800 RPM
SawStop PCS175-TGP236Cabinet4,800 RPM
Shop Fox W1819Hybrid4,300 RPM

Whether you spend your time cutting wood, plastics or other materials, a high quality table saw can easily improve your cutting abilities. There is a whole range of different table saws that you can choose from based upon your requirements.

They are often split into different categories, which include a benchtop, compact design, jobsite, hybrid and cabinet table saw. We recommend that you take time to research the types of blades, adjustments and other features.

Table saws are able to do all the basics from cutting, shaping, making grooves, crosscutting and ripping wood and is a critical tool for any woodworking. Below is a list of the best table saws for the money, which offer performance and durability.

DEWALT DWE7480XA Compact Table Saw

DeWalt has possibly the top assortment of table saws amid all the current table saw manufacturers. With such a wide variety of saws available, it allows almost anyone to find the correct blend of power, portability, safety, and cost. Even though this model is one of the smaller models, it can provide you with an extreme value for your money.

Unlike its preceding models, the revamped 15-amp motor makes it easier to rip through harder woods. There is even a port that can be attached to a shop vacuum cleaner to which is a proficient method for gathering dust, making clean-up minimal.

This jobsite table saw has a carbide blade with twenty-four teeth and is capable of augmenting a quality cut as well as extending the life of the blade. It has an adjustment setting of 0-45 for bevel purposes.

Specifications of the DeWalt DWE7480XA

  • Weight: 48 LBS
  • Dimensions: 26.5 inches x 26.75 inches x 18.875 inches
  • Power: 15 amps
  • Blade Speed: 4,800 RPM
  • Blade Diameter: 10-inch blade diameter
  • Arbor Size: ⅝ inch
  • Dust Port Diameter: 2 ½ inch
  • Max Rip:
    • Right Blade: 24 inches
    • Left Blade: 12 inches
  • Depth:
    • At 90-degrees: 3 ⅛ inches
    • At 45-degrees: 2 ¼ inches

The DeWalt 10-inch Compact table saw is equipped with a rack and pinion telescoping fence, which allows for quick adjustments of the fence which is swift, effortless, and precise. With a 24-½ inch rip capacity, you can quickly cut with ease and precision.

Unlike many of the alternatives, the rear feet of this table saw are adaptable and devised to make the saw level, even if you are working on an irregular surface. The finish on the table aids in decreasing the amount of friction, which results in providing the user with a more even cut.

This saw has a metal roll cage base, which presents a superior sturdiness in comparison to the plastic bases. There is also onboard storage available, which affords trouble-free admission to the Site-Pro Guarding mechanism and push stick when it is not being used. As it only weighs 45 LBS, the table saw can simply be relocated from job to job.

The rack and pinion fence system that this saw is outfitted with provides a proficient amount of suppleness as well as precision when cutting wood into pieces. Despite its smaller size, this saw has a decent rip capacity at 24 ½ inches; allowing even larger pieces of wood and wood-based material to be sawed with simplicity and accuracy.

Overall, the DEWALT DWE7480XA is the best portable table saw, which is easily portable and is built to very high standards. It includes the Dewalt 3 year limited warranty for peace of mind and it ticks every box.

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Bosch GTS1031 Portable Table Saw

The next saw is a jobsite model, the Bosch 10-inch portable jobsite table saw. This table saw has been manufactured for the utmost amount of precision, with its Squarelock Rip Fence. This fence moves smoothly the length of the rail at the touch of a finger and there is a lever that locks it into place.

It is equipped with a SmartGuard system that has a modular blade attached that can be detached in a matter of seconds. Features such as the rawls and riving knife provide the user with an extreme amount of control while cutting wood.

The GTS1031 has an exceptional base that is meant to withstand even the toughest of conditions. It is durable and strong and it aids in giving this Bosch model of table saw the ability to cope with almost any impacts related to job conditions.

Specifications of the Bosch GTS1031

  • Weight: 52 LBS
  • Dimensions: 22 inches x 22 ½ inches x 13 inches
  • Power: 15 amps
  • Blade Speed: 5,000 RPM
  • Blade Diameter: 10-inch
  • Arbor Size: ⅝ inch
  • Dust Port Diameter: N/A
  • Max Rip:
    • Right Blade: 18 inches
    • Left Blade: 7 ¾ inches
  • Depth:
    • At 90-Degrees: 3 ⅛ inches
    • At 45-Degrees: 2 ¼ inches

The jobsite table saw by Bosch weighs 52 pounds. It’s weight, along with the one-handed carrying handle, and an all-steel, light-weighted base gives the user a definitive sense of complete portability. These are found to be features that are not provided by many saws similar to this model.

The GTS1031 Bosch jobsite table saw features SquareLock Rip Fence, which helps to provide a true, cut resulting in less waste and a maximum output. This Squarelock Rip Fence was created and intended to be the finest and most precise in the table saw industry, with its supporting fence slots and T-slot miter gauge.

This base is also lightweight and has rubber feet, which gives the necessary extra stability while in use. There is also a storing device underneath the table that gives a place to store the Squarelock Rip Fence, Smart Guard System, miter gauge, and push stick and wrenches. This storage area provides protection of these tools during transport to other jobs as well.

Designed with mobility in mind, the Bosch Jobsite GTS1031 has a single-handed carrying case that provides a well-balanced lifting zone. It is ergonomically designed with soft grip handles that optimize the center of gravity and make carrying this fifty-two pound saw very simple.

Overall, it is the best cheap table saw for the money and includes the backing of the reputable Bosch brand. It is fairly popular and known for portability, durability, precision and versatile features to help with all types of woodworking.

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DEWALT DWE7491RS Table Saw

When you buy a DeWalt table saw, you understand why DeWalt is known for being the leading manufacturer of industrial power tools and accessories. DeWalt tools and accessories are available worldwide, wherever there are tools sold.

This table saw has a rack and pinion telescoping fence system that produces rapid, smooth, and precise fence adjustments. The telescoping fence rails are retracting which creates a small, portable package. It features a flip over rip fence that permits the user to do narrow rip cuts. It has a patented support for material that can be utilized for doing narrow rip cuts.

The table saw also has a convenient rolling stand that was created with a simple set up and easy breakdown in mind, as well as giving the saw table a great deal of stability. The DeWalt jobsite table saw features a 2-½ inch port for collecting dust that connects to a shop vacuum for ease in cleaning up any dust extraction.

Specifications of the DeWalt DWE7491RS

  • Weight: 90 LBS
  • Dimensions: 31 inches x 24 ½ inches x 31 inches
  • Power: 15 amp
  • Blade Speed: 4,800 RPM
  • Blade Diameter: 10 inches
  • Arbor Size: ⅝ inch
  • Dust Port Diameter: 2 ½ inches
  • Max Rip:
    • Right Blade: 33 ½ inches
    • Left Blade: 22 inches
  • Depth:
    • At 90-Degrees: 3 ⅛ inches
    • At 45-Degrees: 2 ¼ inches

This jobsite table saw has several features that consumers are bound to find impressive. The product features a high rip capacity at 32 ½ inches, which makes it simple to cut large shelving and trim materials. The table measures at 21 ⅞ inches x 26-⅜ inch table that gives and better quality of material support.

It actually has a multitude of uses, which will help those who are looking for a versatile table saw. It can be great for cabinet installers and hardwood floor installers who are looking to rip floorboards.

Trim carpenters use this table saw to rip moldings, wainscoting, for the ripping and cross-cutting of materials needed for framing books, shelves, entertainment centers, and for ripping lumber that is used for framing.

This DeWalt table saw is commonly used by serious-minded home hobbyists and is by far one of the best jobsite table saws you can buy with excellent performance, durability, warranty and more.

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SawStop PCS175-TGP236 Cabinet Table Saw

The SawStop 1.75 HP Professional Cabinet Saw has been crafted to meet the distinctive wants and needs of professional woodworker. It allows them to produce the superior work that needs to be 100% accurate with excellent precision.

It includes a SawStop Safety system, which is an electronic system that detects when/if a person comes in contact with the blade. This safety system has a prompt that sends an electric indicator to the blade, monitoring the signal for any changes.

The SawStop table saw features a professional T-Glide fence, which is made of thick, high-quality gauge steel. The use of this fence delivers an even work plane, with measurements that are exact and an indisputable lockdown devoid of any refraction.

Specifications of the SawStop PCS175-TGP236

  • Weight: 360 LBS
  • Dimensions: 69 ⅛ inches x 34 inches x 33 inches
  • Power: 14 amps
  • Blade Speed: 4,800 RPM
  • Blade Diameter: 10 inches
  • Arbor Size: ⅝ inch
  • Dust Port Diameter: 4 inches
  • Max Rip:
    • Right Blade: 36 inches
    • Left Blade: 12 inches
  • Depth:
    • At 90 Degrees: 3 ⅛ inches
    • At 45-Degrees: 2 ¼ inches

Sawdust has been determined by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) to be a major cancer-causing carcinogen. Therefore, SawStop focuses on this safety hazard and provides the best feasible solution possible. The shroud on a SawStop cabinet saw has a dust collection blade guard, which traps up to 99% of the dust created by when using the saw-which is a leading percentage within the industry.

This saw brand is built to last with one of the heaviest trunnions that is not like any other on the market, the arbors are thicker than any other 10″ saws in the market; has a true trunnion travel and a gas-piston assist to make operating simple.

If you are worried about moving this table saw once you have set it up, you can easily do so. It has a mobile base option, which is available with the Industrial Mobile Base PCS Conversion Kit. Overall, the SawStop PCS175-TGP236 is the best cabinet table saw you can buy and even though it is fairly expensive, it is definitely a worthwhile investment that will last for many years.

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Shop Fox W1819 Hybrid Table Saw

The Shop Fox W1824 hybrid saw is made for the serious-minded contractors and woodworkers. Similar to a cabinet saw, a hybrid saw is also enclosed within a cabinet and has many of the same features. However, they are built more like the contractor saw, consequently, that is where they get their name as they take the best features of both saws to make one near perfect brand of saw.

Everything about the Shop Fox W1824 Hybrid table saw spells quality and value. It is evident that this table saw was constructed with the intention of it lasting a person their lifetime. The cast iron trunnions, three horse-power Leeson motor, triple belt drive with the huge cast iron table and wings ensure its longevity.

Specifications of the Shop Fox W1819

  • Weight: 539 LBS
  • Dimensions: 40 x 40 ½ x 62 inches
  • Power: 12.8 Amps
  • Blade Speed: 4,300 RPM
  • Blade Diameter: 10 inches
  • Arbor Size: ⅝ inches
  • Dust Port Diameter: 4 inches
  • Max Rip: 29 ½ inches
    • Depth:
    • At 90-Degrees: 3 ⅛ inches
    • At 45-Degrees: 2 3/16 inches

It also features an abundance of additional features, including a camlock T-fence, riving knife, heavy cast handwheels, a magnetic switch, a T-slot miter gauge with a fence extension, and a 4-inch dust port.

The safety features of the Shop Fox hybrid table saw includes a blade guard assembly consisting of a clear polycarbonate shield, spreader, and anti-kickback pawls on either side of the spreader. The clear shield allows the user to see the blade as it is in operation.

The guard was created to rise up as the piece you are working with is moved through the blade so it can remain in contact during the entire cutting action. Having a metal plate as the spreader averts the recently cut kerf of a workpiece from pinching the reverse side of the blade and resulting in kickback.

The anti-kickback device permits the workpiece to move only one way. For instance, should the workpiece move backward during a kickback action, the pawls will hold on to the workpiece and force it to slow down or stop completely.

The W1819 hybrid saw includes a miter fence with a flip stop, which allows the user to make several like-width cuts. This kind of miter fence gives better workpiece support than just a solo miter gauge can, and it is perfect for workpieces that are longer.

This type of miter fence can be spun around out of the way to permit longer workpieces to be cut, and then turned around again to make the cuts at the width the user wishes to make them.

Having a W1819 saw also gives the user the opportunity to tilt the blade anywhere from 0-45 degrees, which is ideal for cutting bevels, compound miters, or chamfers. Users can adjust the angle in which they are cutting simply by loosening the blade tilt lock and adjusting the blades tilt handwheel to the position and angle desired.

This feature works the same as the spreader does on the blade guard assembly-it is a metal plate that keeps the freshly cut wood piece from squeezing the rear side of the blade, resulting in kickback. Overall, it is the best hybrid table saw and there wont be many other alternatives that will come close to the quality and features that are available from this saw.

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Table Saw Buying Guide

As a serious woodworker, you probably already realize that the most valuable tool you can have is your table saw. You depend on your table saw to do all sorts of cuts, including cross, rip, miter, bevel, and compound cuts just to name a few. If you add accessories to a table saw, you can further improve its efficiency and usefulness.

A table saw is different from any other saw as the cuts this type of saw produces are much more accurate. This is accomplished through the table saws capability to move the material being cut towards the blade. 

The Types of Table Saws

Table saws are classified as two types: portable and stationary; this review is covering both types of table saws. The types of portable table saws are the jobsite, benchtop, and compact models. The portable types are much more smaller and lighter in weight than the stationary saws, which makes for their portability. Portable saws usually have a 15-amp direct drive motor that uses 120V of power and no more than 2 hp.

Jobsite Table Saw

The jobsite table saw comes affixed to a stand that has wheels for ease of transport along with a folding action that permits the user an advantageous amount of manageability. The stand is a very impressive feature on this type of table saw because of its exceptionally clever design.

The jobsite table saws are made to be more rugged and robust than the other two portable table saws, (the benchtop and compact models).

The jobsite table saws tend to be the saw of choice for many contractors when they are looking a saw that is portable; for this reason they are called “contractor saws”. Therefore, the terms “jobsite” and “contractor” saws are being used interchangeably.

Despite the fact that the jobsite/contractor saws are compact and portable, their robust features provide precise and accurate results. With direct drive motors, it makes these saws more durable and powerful and more easy to handle heavy-duty jobs. These saws have better fences and alignment adjustments, they come with 24″ rip capacity and some come with extension tables.

Benchtop Table Saw

The Bench top saws are similar to the jobsite and compact models in that they are also lightweight and portable. These benchtop saws don’t come with wheels or a stand, but because of their lightweight they are still considered portable table saws because they can be easily carried from job to job.

These table saws are smaller and their rip capacity is limited; however, if you are planning on cutting plywood or other softer woods like pine, and don’t plan to do any large jobs, then these little table saws will certainly be capable to handle the job presented with.

Compact Table Saw

Compact table saws are like benchtop table saws, with similar features such as motors that are universal and direct driven and made of lightweight material. Some have features such as stands and cast iron surfaces, and they often resemble their full-size counterparts, however with much smaller rip capacity and tables.  

If you are looking for a stationary table saw, then you will probably want to look into the contractor, hybrid, or cabinet models. Continue reading to find out which table saw will best suit your needs.

table saw for woodworking


Contractor Table Saw

When one mentions the contractor table saw it can become a bit perplexing because one wants to reference it to the jobsite saw, which is known for being one of the hardiest table saws in the construction industry.

However, it does not quite measure up to a genuine contractor table saw. These table saws are belt driven and have motors that are larger and are outboard inducted. Contractor saws are an alternative to the full-size cabinet saws, however, they are much more portable.

As these contractor saws progressed, they have become much larger, weighing from 200 to 300 pounds, the motors necessitate longer belts, which results in more vibration, as well as the dust collection capabilities were poor.

As portable saws began to emerge, these contractor table saws continued to be the stationary saws in workshops of professionals and hobbyists due to these types of saws are less expensive than cabinet saws, which were equal to them, and they are more powerful than other portable saws.

Cabinet Table Saw

The cabinet saw is the most powerful of all table saws. Their features are far more advanced than any of the other types of table saws. These saws look similar to the hybrid saws, however, that is where the similarities end.

A cabinet saw was made to be more long-lasting and strong and capable of handling a lot of heavy-duty usage. The cabinet table saws were created to be very accurate, weighty, and huge and meant to last for many years of use.

Hybrid Table Saw

Comparable in many of the same features, the hybrid table saw and the full-size cabinet saw reveal some similar attributes as the other has, this is why many people confuse the two. These two table saws may seem alike at first glance; however, they are very much different once you take a longer look and have the chance to make a sharper comparison. You will discover that a cabinet saw is hands down the heftiest, most vigorous, and extremely robust style of all the table saws ever made.  

Features Of A Table Saw

Just learning the basic attributes of a table saw is complex enough as there is so much information a person must know when it comes to table saws. If you want to know about any of the substandard elements regarding table saws, it gets even more complicated.

Rather than have you spend hours searching the Internet for the answers to your questions about table saws, we’ve compiled all the necessary information that you’ll need. This user guide is designed to aid you in finding the answers you are looking for as well as giving some explanation about the basic features of the table saw.

On/Off Switch

This may seem like a pretty basic feature of a table saw, however, it is an important on. It is critical that the on/off switch on a table saw be in an area that can be accessed quickly, should the need arise. The table saw “off” button should be located in the front of the saw; and be large enough so it can be easily accessed by a protected hand, elbow, or knee.

On the other hand, the “on” switch should not be as easily accessible for safety reasons. It is best that this switch is not level with the table or it has some type of plastic covering; this way the saw cannot be inadvertently switched to the “on” position by an inexperienced, unknowing person, which can possibly result in a tragic accident.

It is a good idea to buy a table saw that has the ability to add a padlock for additional safety; this prevents a child or other such person who is inexperienced with table saws from gaining access to it and creating a dangerous situation.

Table Inserts

Also called throat plates, these are simply pieces of metal or wood that are placed around the blade or level with the table– these plates are used as a way to prevent pieces of wood from dropping on the arbor.

Table Extensions

It is common knowledge that a larger work space will allow for more rip capacity as well as easier handling of larger pieces of wood. Table extensions are just as the name implies, add-on sections to the saw’s table that allows more space.

Elevation and Tilt Wheels

The lever that controls the elevation of the blade is quite often found at the front of the saw and permits the user to control the blade height, which also results in an ability to make deeper cuts. For example, a ten-inch blade width should by 3 ⅝ maximum height, which make it efficient to cut through a 4 x 4 single pass.

The tilt hand is placed on the side of the saw and permits the blade to be tilted up to 45 degrees from the fence. This hand tilt wheel permits adjustment of the blades tilt to either the left or right, depending on actual tilt of the arbor.

cutting wood with table saws

Safety Features of a Table Saw

Anytime you are working with very sharp blades that are spinning at several thousand RPM’s, you need to make sure that you are taking extra safety precautions. Some of the safety features for a table saw include: blade guards, splitters, riving knives, and anti-kickback pawls; these features reduce the chance of the boards experiencing kickback; as well as keeping all your body parts intact.

Blade Guard

The safety feature is known as the “blade guard” helps to keep your fingers away from the blade when you are cutting boards. Some woodworkers complain they have difficulty seeing and measuring the boards they are cutting while the blade guard is in place; also, it takes too much time changing the blade guard or removing wood that gets stuck in the guard, these issues make many users opt not to use the blade guard.

However, the manufacturers of blade guards have taken all these complaints into account and are working on creating guards that are flexible and clear which makes previous arguments against the blade guard lose any force they once had.


Kickback is the foremost reason that accidents related to table saws occur. Kickback is when a board that is being cut by a table saw is expelled at a high speed from the table saw towards the operator of the saw. Kickback is a result of the board becoming bound against the fence and the saw blade, and then getting caught up on the blade’s teeth. The way to thwart this is to install the safety feature known as a “splitter“.

The splitter is a small perpendicular blade that is constructed out of plastic or metal and keeps the kerf open at the rear of the saw blade.

Anti-Kickback Pawls

There are two-anti-kickback pawls that are connected to the splitter; each one guarding a side of the wood. The job of the anti-kickback pawls is to stick their “claws” into the wood to keep it from propelling through the air in the case of a kickback.

Riving Knife

An option to the splitter, which is often a much better choice, is the riving knife. The riving knife and the splitter are similar; however, there are some crucial differences between the two. One of the drawbacks to a splitter is that the splitter is a fixed piece of equipment and it is unable to move about as the blade moves along.

The splitter must be taken off the blade in order to make any special cuts, and often a user will forget to replace it. Therefore, if you are using a table saw, make sure you check that the splitter has been replaced to avoid a possible injury by any kickback.

Table saw accidents happen every nine seconds; this is according to the most current statistical data collected on the subject. These types of accidents are also to blame for at least ten amputations daily! This is way too many limbs being lost due to careless use of a table saw; for this reason, safety should be the number one responsibility a woodworking professional (or amateur) should take into consideration when purchasing a table saw.

In many cases, the riving knife is a much better option than the splitter. The riving knife can be placed on the same device as the saw blade; therefore, allowing it to move alongside the blade. The riving knife is a much safer safety device because it does not allow the saw user to get too close to the back of the saw blade.


In order to prevent the user of a table saw getting too close to the back of the blade, a sensor has been created that stops the blade from spinning and makes it drop beneath the table whenever the electronic sensor comes in contact with human skin. This all happens within about .02 seconds-resulting in a small scratch or cut being sustained by the user. This sensory device is an amazing advancement in the safety features of table saws.

Magnetic Switch

The magnetic switch is one more safety feature that a table saw buyer should ensure the next saw they purchase has. This switch will guard the motor of your table saw from being overloaded. The magnetic switch also mechanically shuts off the saw in the occurrence of a power outage or any form of power disruption.

Push Stick

The final safety feature this buyer’s guide is going to discuss is the push stick. This device allows the user to cut small pieces of wood without getting their fingers too close to the blade. By allowing the push stick to doing all the close work, the user just pushes the board along the saw blade using this push stick device.

Table Saw


 Each of these saws has their own specifications that a professional or hobbyist woodworker would want their next table saw to include.

Regardless of whether the woodworker is a professional, amateur, or tradesman, the table saw is the most vital item in the workshop. In order to be capable of performing multiple tasks, such as ripping, cross-cutting, and preparing sheet material, it is a crucial element to have the proper table saw.

Having a table saw with the appropriate strength, longevity, and capability is indispensable. In particular, the accuracy and precision of the table saw is also highly beneficial.

As we have discovered, table saws come in a variety of sizes and functions. When making the ultimate decision about which one is going to be the right one for our workshop, it is important to consider the type of applications we are most likely to be working with.

Such as in a hobbyist or amateur and some trade workshops having a general purpose machine would be suitable. However, a more specialized workshop would require a large panel or rip table saw.

It is also essential that the table saw you choose for your workshop have the appropriate safety features installed that are listed in the above product features of the saws reviewed. As also noted, table saw accidents account for a huge number of limb amputations.

You would not want yourself, one of your employees, or even a loved one to be added to these statistics. Safety is definitely one of the features everyone should consider when purchasing a potentially hazardous machine like a table saw for their workshop.

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