5 Best Wet Tile Saws 2022

Cutting tiles requires more of a grinding action compared to cutting action due to the blade not actually being that sharp. Diamonds are used on the saw blade that grind away at the tile in order to cut the tile easily and smoothly.

The best wet tile saw is the DEWALT D24000 1.5-HP, which is a premium example with a large cutting capacity at 26 inches and runs at 4,200 RPM for maximum power.

Depending on the size of the job in hand will determine the wet tile saw that you need. If it is a small amount of tiles, a smaller and cheaper saw is recommended.

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Best Tile Saws For The Money

Wet Tile SawMotor CapacityBlade(s)
DEWALT D2400015 Amp10 Inch
SKIL 3550-027 Amp7 Inch
Lackmond Beast15 Amp7 & 10 Inch
Chicago Pneumatics15 Amp10 Inch
QEP 22400Q5 Amp4 Inch

A wet tile saw prevents tiles from cracking or becoming defective whilst under immense heat from the friction of the spinning tile saw blade. The other major benefit is that the water captures the dust, which is very useful itself.

Tile cutting with a saw can be a difficult job without the correct tools to hand. Investing into a tile saw is definitely worthwhile as they are very durable with years of heavy usage without any hiccups being easily achievable.

The correct tools for a tiling job pays off with a much better finish overall. Below is a list of the best tile saws that provide a smooth straight cut of the tile and make use of water to reduce heat friction.

DEWALT D24000 10″ Wet Tile Saw

Dewalt is a huge construction brand that is known worldwide for high build quality and durability. The D24000 is a premium wet tile saw with a cutting capacity of 26 inches and 18 3/8 diagonally at 4,200 RPM.

It is targeting serious DIY’ers or professionals considering the expensive price. The 1.5 horsepower motor is very powerful and when using the 10 inch diamond blade, its cleanly cuts through tiles and other materials.

Other excellent features of the Dewalt D24000 include a 3-1/8 inch cut depth, stainless steel rail system, plunge cut and bevel features, adjustable dual water nozzles and much more. For peace of mind, it comes with a 3 year limited warranty and one year free service, which is just testament to the build quality of this wet tile saw.

Overall, it is the best wet tile saw you can buy and although its expensive to buy, its is a worthwhile investment for serious DIY’ers. It is a must have for tile professionals that require a clean cut every time.

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SKIL 3550-02 7″ Tile Saw

The SKIL 3550-02 is an affordable wet tile saw that uses a patented HydroLock Water Containment system to keep the water as close as possible to the blade to reduce the time spent cleaning the dust up after cutting.

The Dewalt alternative is aimed at serious DIY’ers but if you are planning on tiling your kitchen or bathroom, the SKIL 3550-02 is ideal. The 7 inch continuous diamond blade provide a smooth and tiles can be cut at 0, 22.5 and 45 degrees.

Features of the SKIL wet tile saw include a sliding side extension that is compatible with tiles up to 18 x 18 inch, aluminium table top, adjustable rip fence and more.

All SKIL tools are made by Bosch, which as many of you will know is a world renowned brand and this wet tile saw comes with a 3 year limited warranty for peace of mind. It is the best tile saw for the money and is capable of cutting a range of tiles.

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Lackmond Beast Portable Tile Saw

The Lackmond Beast is a popular wet tile saw that cuts up to 2-3/8 inches and at 90 degrees for those tricky tiles. It is one of the most powerful tile saws with a 13 AMP motor, which is the reason it is called “The Beast”.

There are a range of configurations of the Lackmond Beast including the 7 inch blade, 10 inch blade and the choice of a folding gravity stand or scissor stand based on your requirements.

It uses a snake pipe water system that provides the user with complete control of the placement and volume of water that hits the saw blade. For those using on the jobsite, it is a heavy duty tile saw with durable steel pipe used as the saw frame.

Overall, if you are after a powerful wet tile saw that is durable and comes with a range of configurations, the Lackmond Beast is the answer. Like the Dewalt D24000, it is an expensive saw but it should be seen as an investment.

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Chicago Pneumatics Industrial Tile Saw

For those working with thick or large tiles and need a powerful tile saw, the Chicago Pneumatics Industrial Tile Saw is ideal. It is powerful at 2.5 horsepower, which is powered by a 15 amp motor that includes sealed breading and thermal overload protection for a longer life span.

Features of this heavy duty tile saw include a cast aluminium column and cutting head to reduce vibration, pivoting head for a bevel cut at 22.5 or 45 degrees, over-sized steel frame and linear bar system for smooth cutting and much more.

For cutting large porcelain tiles for bathrooms or kitchen, this wet tile saw will cut through them with ease. It is an industrial tile saw, which is relatively cheap considering the horsepower and large blade and it can even cut through bricks.

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QEP 22400Q Torque Master

For those looking to buy a cheap tile saw for cutting small tiles, the QEP 22400Q is ideal. It uses a 3/5 horsepower motor and a 4 inch diamond blade to cut tiles cleanly.

Features of the QEP tile saw include an extension side table, fully adjustable angle and an intuitive water catch system to recycle water back into the reservoir. For those wanting to cut at an angle, it adjusts to 22.5 and 45 degree angles.

It is an excellent cheap wet tile saw that works best with small tiles but it is by no means a professional tile saw. It lacks in the power and build quality department but for the money, there is no other tile saw that comes close.

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Tile Saw Buying Guide

Each and every tiling job requires a cutting tile and what you cut and the manner in which you cut it is dependent on the tool you use. A tile saw is the best option for cutting tile in different sizes and shape, and even though they are similar to the saws used to cut metal or wood, the fact is that they are very different.

Various types of tile blades use special diamond coated blades which are perfect for the tiling job. Tile saw blades contain teeth meant for grinding through the material and not tearing the material. With various tile saws currently in the market, you may be confused on which one to buy for the project ahead but don’t worry as we have your back.

Smaller Jobs

If the project ahead of you is little, a tile nipper or a tile cutter can suit you excellently. Tile rippers are small equipment resembling pliers whose work is to ‘nip’ small chunks out of the tile. They are well equipped with carbide-tipped jaws which can make L-shaped, U-shaped, as well as curved cuts. They are used by hand and therefore, no practice required and they do a good job without making any noise.

Larger Jobs

If you have a larger project ahead that requires convenience and of course speed, what you need is a saw. There are three types of saws and you may choose one depending on their specifications. These are handheld saws, wet tile saws, and tile grinders, all of which can be used to cut tiles. They have their own advantages and we will look at each.

Wet Tile Saws

Wet tile saws are the most accurate tool for cutting tiles. They resemble standard table saws but they are different in appearance given that their cutting blade is mounted in a reservoir of water. If you have a large tiling project ahead or you that needs accurate cuts, a wet tile saw is what you need.

They are easy to use thanks to their fence that line the tile up, and thus even an amateur can use them to produce perfect cuts without anything going amiss. Also, it is easy to make angled and specialty cuts, but you are required to buy an attachment and the rest is done.

Wet tile saws are also ideal for cutting through any tile material. However, you need to know that they use water which serves the following three functions;

  • Cooling down the tile saw blade to prevent it from heat damage
  • Acting as a lubricant between the tiles and the blades thereby preventing tiles from cracking and also making cutting easier
  • Minimizes the debris and dust particles produced as a result of cutting

Type of Wet Tile Saws

There are two common types of wet tile saws. These are;

  1. Re-circulating pumps wet tile saws: Contains a water reservoir which is filtered after use and is then re-used without hooking it up to a faucet
  2. Pump-less wet tile saws: They are attached to a faucet that eventually supplies fresh and clean water due to the absence of own reservoir

Handheld Tile Saws

Also referred to as masonry saws, handheld tile saws are best suited for small and medium projects especially on thinner materials such as cutting stones, and making odd-shaped and curved cuts. They are portable thanks to their small sizes, and hence you can easily carry them from your home to the working station.

They don’t require any set up because all you need is to plug them in unless you want to make a wet cut. They come in three types as follows:

  • The dry handheld saws: They do not require water to make cuts
  • Wet handheld saws: They use water to make cuts
  • The wet/dry handheld saws: They may or may not use water to make cuts

If you want to consider buying handheld tile saw, there are some things to put into consideration. First, dry handheld saw does not use water. This means that if you want to make a large number of cuts, it might overheat which can eventually damage the saw or the materials.

Secondly, they are handheld meaning that they are vulnerable to human errors. Third, dry handheld saws are messier than wet handheld saws and thus unfit for indoor cutting.

Tile Grinders

Also known as angle grinders, tile grinders are handy little tools perfect for anyone looking forward to purchasing a small saw. They are easy to use as the only thing you need to do is to plug them in and you are good to go.

They have rechargeable cordless units which increase their portability and convenience. Tile grinders are best suited for cutting angles or odd shapes into single tiles. If you are looking for a saw that gives precise cuts, a tile grinder is what you need to purchase.

using an angle grinder as a tile saw

Size of the Job

Choosing the type of tile saw to buy based on the size of the job is very important as it helps you in decision making on whether to look for a bigger or smaller tile saw. If you need to work on large amounts of materials, what you need is a heavier, motorized tile saw which can cut enough tiles in a set time period.

Motorized tile saws are bigger than manual tile saws and if you want to buy one, you must be willing to sacrifice enough space for them. However, they are faster and probably the best for a larger job. Manual saws, on the other hand, are portable and perfect for people moving from one place to another, and also well suited for smaller jobs.

Type of Material

When buying a tile saw, it is important to keep the type of the material you wish to cut in mind. Thicker tiles require a different saw from thinner tiles, and most importantly, the cutter should be compatible with the size of the tiles you need to work on.

Harder materials such as granite or porcelain require a special cutting blade whose thickness is not less than 7 inches and thus, a motorized saw will do. If you want to cut ceramic tiles, the manual saw will do an excellent job because these materials are not hard.

Product Brand

The quality of the saw is very important to put into consideration before making a purchase, regardless of whether you are doing house remodeling by yourself or you are a professional. Look for a good brand product that will give you the services you require and for a long time.

Before you even pay for the tile saw of your choice, look what the previous buyers said about the product on the customer reviews and their testimonials will definitely influence your decision making.

Accuracy and Versatility

There are various tile saw suppliers, and all of them guarantee a higher level of accuracy on their products. However, you need to look for versatility if all you need is equipment that will do your job right.

When it comes to versatility, you think about a machine that can excellently cut various types of materials and more to that make different cuts such as U-cut, square, or L-cut without being worried that your tool will be pulled through.

Beveling Capacity

Saws are machines that make work easier. Therefore, ensure that the tile saw you opt to buy can cut various types of materials in various shapes. This means that the saw must have a good beveling capability. Take your few minutes on the internet and read tile saw reviews to ensure that the tool you intend to buy can deliver on its promises.


If you are looking for a saw that will successfully cut various materials, it must have a necessary horsepower meant to sustain its cutting capability all through. Depending on the type of job you intend for the saw, look for a powerful tool with a powerful motor which can deliver smooth cuts without necessarily damaging the material.

Dimensions and Portability

If you work in a workshop, you may opt out the portability factor. However, it’s important to consider the portability of the tile saw you intend to buy, in case your work will eventually require you to move from site to site.

Some saws come with wheels which are attached to the frame and even a single person can move it from one place to another. A tile saw that calls for half of your team to lift it will not be a good choice for you.

Portability and the size of the tool can impact your work, and therefore, ensure that the tile saw you intend to buy is light but sturdy to deliver the work at hand.

Blade Capacity

Using the right blade gives a good impression on a work well done because the final products are even and smooth cuts that make it even easier to use the materials easily afterward. On the other hand, using a blade that’s not well suited for the job produces final products that no one wants to look at.

When buying a tile saw, consider buying one whose blades cannot leave sharp edges on your cut. Therefore, buy a tool with a strong blade that can excellently cut through hard materials, and most importantly, buying one with a cooling system is an added advantage to prevent the device from overheating which can make the materials to break, and you obviously won’t like the idea of using your hard-earned money to buy other materials.

Water Splash and Dust Generation

It goes without saying that cutting tiles emits sawdust in the air which is not good for your health especially in the long run. Dust cast off into the air can irritate the throat when inhaled, or affect your breathing patterns.

We all want to live a healthy life and therefore, choose a tile saw with a special mechanism that forbids dust from getting into the air. For instance, some tile saws have Zero Dust system, which is a water and spraying action that prevents the saw from overheating and keeps the silica dust from getting loose into the environment thus ensuring safety for you are the people around you.

Before making a purchase, ensure that the tile saw you want can protect you from silica dust.

Availability of Accessories

Before purchasing a tile saw, you need to put accessories availability into consideration. Given that the tool you need may not be used on the same job all the time, look for a tile saw which can easily be accessorized to fit different task according to the demand at that time.

You can consider these accessories as small upgrades on your tool which will definitely cost you less than buying a new tile saw. Buying a tile saw that cannot accept various accessories limits you on the jobs you can successfully do with it.

Therefore, before emptying your bank account to buy the tile saw, ensure it can accommodate different accessories which can eventually make your work easier and produce smooth end products of your choice.

Hire or Buy a Table Saw?

After making up your mind on which tile saw to buy depending on the amount of work at hand, the question you need to ask yourself is, it is wiser to buy or to rent? Even though different people will give you different answers to that question, the basic idea is all dependent on why you need to buy the tile saw.

If you wish to do the job yourself and will only use the tile saw on a single room which will take you few hours, buying one will be a waste of money as there are good handheld saws you can affordably rent.

If you want a tile saw for commercial purposes or you have multiple rooms to work on, buying one sounds like a good idea for you. If all you want is to have a tile saw written on your names but the work intended is either large or small projects by hand, tile grinder would be a perfect choice for you.

That way, you will have your own saw to use in your future projects. If you want to cut few individual cuts, there will be no need to either rent or buy a tile saw as you can contact your local home store and they will do a good job on the task at hand.


If planning to purchase a tile saw, you must keep in mind other factors such as versatility, speed, and endurance which are crucial for any job. When searching for the tool online, try and focus on these factors as specified on the list of tile saw reviews and specification.

If the task ahead is large and requires precision, speed, and consistency, a wet tile saw will be a perfect choice for you. If the task at hand is small or medium and you intend to use thinner tile materials, handheld saws could match your expectations.

Besides the types of tile saw, all the other factors above will guide you through the journey of buying the best tile saw that is fast and reliable. Most importantly, you will get a tool that can do a great job regardless of the condition and the one that reduces wastes.

With many tile saws available online, there is a likelihood of scammers who claim to sell genuine equipment but instead sell counterfeit. Therefore, take your time and ask around in addition to looking at what previous customers said about the tool in their testimonials.

The fact is that there is no shortage of tile saws, and therefore, the major challenge is deciding which one to use. I recommend choosing a tile saw based on the type of job you intend to do and the duration to use it, as this will maximize your efficiency.

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