The Best Whole House Surge Protector 2022

Without a suitable whole house surge protector, all your electronic devices are liable to power surges. They work by allowing the correct electricity through to the device whilst blocking excess voltage in order to increase your device lifespan.

The best whole house surge protector is the EATON CHSPT2ULTRA, which is a SPD Type 2 device with a max surge charge of 80 kA and rated as NEMA 4X.

Power surges can happen for a number of reasons from faulty wiring, lightning strikes, malfunctions and much more. A rated surge protector will protect your devices and prevent damage to their circuit boards and other internals.

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Whole House Surge Protector Comparison

Whole House Surge ProtectorMSCCType
Intermatic Smart Guard50 kASPD Type 1 & 2
Leviton 51120-150 kASPD Type 1
Square D HEPD8080 kASPD Type 1
Siemens FS14020 kASPD Type 2

Surge protectors have so many benefits and every household should have one. Not only for the protection of your electric devices but also to prevent against the worst case, which of course would be an electrical fire. Many insurance companies will also inflate the price of your premium if you do not have one too.

Factors such as the number of ports, certification (usually a UL standard) and response time should be high priority for your research.

The latest surge protectors offer a range of new functionality and top of the range features. Below is a list of the best whole house surge protectors that will ensure the safety of your electrical devices during power surges.

The Best Whole House Surge Protector

1. EATON CHSPT2ULTRA Ultimate Surge Protection

The Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA is one of the most popular whole house surge protectors and for good reason too. It is the third edition from Eaton with improvements to the performance, reliability and additional features.

Features of the Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA Surge Protector includes:

  • SPD Type 2
  • UL approved and has a NEMA 4 rating
  • Dimensions are 2.38 x 5.25 x 7.5 inches
  • Mounting panel included for easy installation
  • LED status indication

The CHSPT2ULTRA model by Eaton can be used indoors and outdoors and has a maximum surge per phase of up to 108 kA. Overall, it is the best whole house surge protector for the money with all the features, safety and performance you will require for maximum protection against power surges.

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2. Intermatic Smart Guard Whole House Surge Protector

The Intermatic Smart Guard is a premium whole house surge protector, which uses thermally protected metal oxide varistor surge protection technology. It also has replaceable consumable modules that allow you to easily replace a module if it has been compromised during a power surge (indicated via a LED Light).

Features of the Intermatic Smart Guard Whole House Surge Protector include:

  • Type 1 & Type 2
  • Included flush mounting kit
  • ANSI/UL 1449 3rd edition and UL Listed
  • Approved for residential/light commercial services
  • Surge Current Protection Per Phase is rated at 50 kA
  • Includes a 10 year limited warranty

Overall, it is one of the best whole house surge protectors you can buy that can be used both indoors and outdoor. However, it does come at a cost but you do get the extra protection and features for the higher price tag.

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3. Leviton 51120-1 Panel Surge Protector

Leviton are a big electrical brand and the 51120-1 home surge protector is a highly rated device. It has a capacity of 120/240 volts, 50 kA surge protection per phase and is a Type 2 surge protector for usage indoors only. In terms of the dimensions, it is 14.4 x 8.4 x 6.9 inches with a weight of 7.4 LBS.

Other features of the Leviton 51120-1 Panel Protector include:

  • Indoor usage only
  • Standard J-Box metal enclosure
  • Compatible with Decora Home Controls
  • Certified with the 3rd edition of the UL 1449 standards
  • Limited lifetime warranty

TheLeviton 51120-1 is a highly rated whole house surge protector with a 4 mode protection system and even comes with real time diagnostics in order to track the status. Although it’s expensive and can only be used indoors, it is still a worthwhile investment for homeowners looking for a reliable setup.

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4. Square D by Schneider Electric Surge Protector

The HEPD80 model that is developed by Schneider Electric’s is the cheapest whole house surge protector in this article, It is not just popular due to its low cost but also for the safety as its UL1449 and CSA 3rd Edition Type 1 SPD approved.

Other features of the Square D by Schneider Electric HEPD80 include:

  • 80 kA surge protection per phase
  • Feedback of status via LED indicators
  • Ability to link with residential load centers
  • 80,000 amp surge current rating
  • NEMA 4X rated
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation

It is the best cheap whole house surge protector you can buy with similar priced alternatives not coming close with regards to the performance. Schneider Electric also provide a 5 year warranty and a 50,000 hour residential downline warranty.

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5. Siemens FS140 Whole House Surge Protector

Siemens are a reputable global brand and they are known for their quality devices. Their FS140 whole house surge protector is rated for 140,000 amps with a maximum surge current of 20 kA. In case you feel that visual alerts via LED lights are not enough to alert you of any issues, Siemens offer an audible alarm for notifications too.

Other features of the Siemens FS140 First Surge include:

  • SPD Type 2
  • UL 1449 approved
  • 1 second response time
  • Enclosure is rated for type 4 outdoor usage
  • Compatible with any brand of load center or breakers

Overall, the Siemens FS140 is a highly rated device with a range of features that are unique to this house surge protector. It is fairly expensive when compared to the alternatives but there is a 10 year warranty for peace of mind.

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6. Square D by Schneider Electric HOM2175SB Surgebreaker

Schneider whole house surge protector

The “Square D by Schneider Electric HOM2175SB Surgebreaker” is a whole house surge protector which is superior in quality. This device is very affordable in comparison with the other available products in the market. HOM2175SB Surgebreaker is small as well as compact in size which makes it fit easily within two slots of a “standard circuit breaker.” The device is compatible with UL-1449 3rd revision standards to ensure working as per the design and maintaining safety. This specific model has 3 years of warranty.

Other features of the Square D by Schneider Electric HOM2175SB Surgebreaker include:

  • In-built LED lets you know if it’s in operation
  • Dimensions of the device 2.6×1.5×3.7 inches
  • Can be installed in the points of service entrance, homeline load panels, and CSE devices
  • Similar protection to receptacles and circuits throughout home
  • Plug-on installation facility, requires 2 slots
  • Voltage 120/240
  • Very nominal current discharge up to 5kA
  • Maximum surge of current per phase is 22.5kA
  • Maximum continuous operating voltage is 150
  • Maximum surge current per mode is 22.5kA

This device is quite easy to install and most of the users have reviewed that they have installed it on their own. Along with that, as it shows the visual status accurately, people can stay in peace without worrying.

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7. Eaton CHSPT2SURGE Type 2 Surge Protector

Eaton whole house surge protector

The Eaton CHSPT2 SURGE is quite low in price which makes it extremely affordable for people who are on a tight budget. The brand is known for its quality and is compatible with every other brand available in the market. Due to this reason, you can use it even with your pre-existing systems. The enclosure has NEMA 4 rating, which means that this device can be installed outside of the home. Due to this feature, the device is considered extremely flexible to install in any type of electrical system, whether it be traditional or upgraded. The mounting process is also very simple and quick. So, it automatically saves both effort and time.

Features of the Eaton CHSPT2 SURGE Type 2 Surge Protector include:

  • Complies with any load centre available in the market
  • Dimensions of the device 7.5 x 5.2 x 2.9 inches
  • Provides AC power protection
  • 36,000 Amps capacity which helps protect against lightning strikes and high-magnitude power surges
  • Comes with 4 ports
  • Nominal discharge current amount is 5kA
  • Single time surge current rating is 36kA
  • Voltage rating 120/240 V

This device is very easy to mount. Most of the users have left positive reviews about the superior quality of the product material and value for money.

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8. Siemens QSA2020SPD Surge Protection Device

Siemens whole house surge protector

The QSA2020SPD model developed by Siemens is a highly rated surge protection device. Not only the reasonable price but the safety offered by this device has made it popular among its peers. This device comes with two circuit breakers of 20-amp each, which help you save space. The device has a true plug-and-play installation. Just with the help of a screwdriver the panel cover can be removed and can be installed on the breaker centre. The LED lights help to check the status at a glance. The product can withstand temperatures up to 40 degrees C.

Features of the Siemens QSA2020SPD Surge Protection Device include:

  • Easy to strip and mount
  • Dimensions of the device – 3x2x3 inches
  • Protects the complete load centre panel as well as the all attached subcircuits
  • Rated for the 120/240 V AC
  • Initial clamping is for 240V
  • Needs space equivalent to 2 single pole breakers
  • Easy to detect status with the help of glowing green LEDs when in operation
  • 40 mm “metal oxide” varistors

The device is quite capable to protect all the electronic devices in your home in the event of an electrical surge. People can easily install the device without any professional help in the home.

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9. Siemens FS100 Surge Protective Device

Siemens fitsurge whole house surge protector

The “Siemens FS100 surge protection device” is very popular and of course, there are several reasons behind it. This surge protector has high capacity and can handle surge current up to 100,000 Amps. It can protect your home and electrical appliances even from lightning strikes. As the device has NEMA 4x rating, it can be installed both outdoors and indoors. Siemens FS100 can withstand different temperatures and extreme weather conditions without getting damaged. The device is available with 4 modes of protection which can bypass the electrical surges in any line.

Different features of the Siemens FS100 Surge Protective Device include:

  • Dimensions of the device 10x6x4 inches
  • In-built visual and audible indicators that indicate the status of the device
  • UL-1449 listing provides a guarantee of the product quality as well as performance
  • Safety is guaranteed

As the device is in type 2 category, the protectors are easy to install and any skilled home-owner can install this just by following the provided instructions. Along with that, these devices are available with 10 years of guaranty for the product as well as for the connected equipment.

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10. Square D by Schneider Electric Plug-On Surge Protector

Surgebreaker whole house surge protector

The “Square D by Schneider Electric Plug-On Surge Protector” is small in size which makes it occupy less space in a single breaker slot. This surge protector is very easy to install and can handle surge of up to 50,000 amps. The high-capacity protection rating of the device means it can take power surges caused due to lightning strikes well. As the item is available with a plug-and-play facility, and is easy to install. The device is known to cover the voltage and current surge efficiently and keep your household safe.

Features of the Square D by Schneider Electric Plug-On Surge Protector include:

  • In-built LED lights indicate the status of the device
  • The maximum surge capacity is 50,000 amps
  • Easy to install
  • Only fits into the QO PON load centre (Plug on Neutral)
  • Surge power 22.5kA
  • Has a voltage rating of 120/240v
  • Type – 1 phase, 3-wire type
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11. Intermatic IG1240RC3 Surge Protection Device

Intermatic whole house surge protector

IG1240RC3 surge protection device is very popular because of its plug and play feature. This device has the capability to detect immense voltage spikes and redirect them to ground safely keeping your home safe. The device is connected to the entire circuit through four 30” 12-gauge” leads. The wires are quite long. So, it does not need any additional cables for the installation. Along with that, the size of the protector is very compact which helps it to fit in most of the breaker boxes.

Other features of the Intermatic IG1240RC3 Surge Protection Device include:

  • The outer casing is made of NEMA 3R plastic capable of protecting it against debris and dust
  • The product is lightweight as well as easy to install
  • This protector has inbuilt LED lights that glow in green when in operation
  • The device incorporates “thermally-protected metal oxide varistor” or TPMOV technology, which helps it perform efficiently.
  • Type 1 and type 2 surge protection 120/240v AC

Apart from the above, the device offers good value for money through its performance. It provides 6 different modes in terms of surge protection and can filter almost any type of surge magnitude. The device is also ANSI/UL 1449 3rd edition CSA certified.

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Whole House Surge Protector Buying Guide

The purpose of a surge protector is to keep the electrical equipment protected from spikes in voltage. Unlike extension leads, towers or plugs, these devices are designed to protect the whole house. They limit the voltage that is input into the electrical appliance by blocking the current or shorting it to a ground connection.

Surges in voltage can happen for a range of reasons and at any point in time. Therefore its important that you have the best whole house surge protector in order to avoid any expensive damage to your electrical equipment.

To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below buying guide regarding whole house surge protectors.

Types of Whole Home Surge Protectors

You may notice that we refer to the surge protector devices by a specific type. These include type 1, 2 and 3 where each have their own functionality.

Type 1 SPD

A Type 1 SPD protects against lighting or other external factors that may be caused by the power company. They are your first line of defense with regards to power surges from the grid. Type 1 SPDs are installed on the “line side” of  the entrance to your house. This will usually be between the utility pole and the power meter.

Type 2 SPD

The Type 2 SPD is installed at the break panel and branches the power from the service panel to the circuits in your house. They wire directly to a dual-pole breaker and protect all the circuits and even some of the other sub-panels. These are the most popular type of whole house surge protector devices.

Type 3 SPD

Finally the Type 3 SPDs are installed around the house and plug directly into the outlet. You can then plug your devices into the SPD, which will protect the device against power surges. Most people will use a Type 3 SPD to provide additional electrical security along with either a Type 1 or Type 2 SPD.

Whole House Surge Protector

NEMA Enclosure Type

When browsing through the different types of whole house surge protector devices, you may notice various NEMA types. The abbreviation NEMA stands for the National Electrical Manufacturers Association. They provide set standards and regulations regarding electrical devices and each type definition can be found here.

Depending upon the installation location of the SPD, you will want to ensure the enclosure is suitable. The different types dictate to whether the enclosure provide protection against water, dust oil and other elements.

UL Certification

Before installing any whole house surge protector, you will want to ensure that it is UL certified. There are several UL regulations but the UL 1449 3rd Edition in particular is a set of safety standard for surge protective devices.

The UL certification will be clearly labelled on the SPD and if it’s not, we highly recommend talking directly with the manufacturer.

Maximum Surge Current Capacity (MSCC)

Another rating that is used often when referring to SPDs is the Maximum Surge Current Capacity. This rating represent the maximum surge current that the SPD is able to handle safely. Not all manufacturer will state the MSCC rating but instead state a nominal discharge current rating.

Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage (MCOV)

The MCOV rating is often mixed up with the MSCC rating mentioned above. MCOV stands for Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage and is a rating that refers to the maximum steady voltage each mode of the SPD can handle. If there was a malfunction and the voltage was too high for the SPD, there could be potential for an electrical fire.

whole house surge suppressor

Desirable Features and Functionality

There is a variety of different whole house surge protectors available but choosing the best option can be difficult. Many people have different requirements but below are some features and functionality that you may or may not find desirable.

Automatic power shut off

There are specific models on the market that automatically shuts off the power to all your outlets when the surge protection capacity is damaged or used up. Although this might not be a beneficial attribute as wireless or broadband routers that should remain on at all times. However, if you connect your expensive electronics, you will eventually appreciate the effectiveness that comes with this feature.

Inbuilt diagnostics capacities

Nowadays, it is easy to get surge protectors that provide inbuilt diagnostics LEDs. They can demonstrate correct grounding and wiring of connected gadgets, availability of power outlets and surge protection functions among others. Ensure you list down your surge protector’s requirements to help you counter-check before buying one.

Eliminating phantom load

Phantom load is also known as standby power typically sucks electric energy even when the connected devices are not in active use. By using power saving surge protectors, you can avoid such electricity leakages because the device can automatically stop power that are connected to your master outlet is switched off.

Inbuilt safety covers

Although some power surge protectors do not come with their safety covers, it is a useful feature particularly if you have children. Depending upon the location of the SPD, it may be possible for them to poke their small finger inside the sockets.

Selection of wattage

If you have several computing gadgets such as PCs, laptops and other peripherals connected at some point, you will appreciate the network switch feature. This will allow you to select the correct wattage that are required for your performance electrical devices.

devices for surge protection

Price and Warranties

Considering that they can potential stop an electrical fire and protect your expensive electrical device, it’s worthwhile spending a little extra. By purchasing a premium device, you will have more feature and functions for improved usability.

We highly advise to check the different types of warranties that are offered with SPD’s and read the terms and conditions.

We mention this as some companies may only provide warranty if the whole house surge protector was fitted by a professional. If you are planning to fit the SPD yourself, this is something you must check.


You should make sure you install a power surge protection device. This will ensure that all your electrical equipment is completely safe from voltage spikes.

All of our recommendations cover a range of budgets and different power requirement to suit your home. We strongly recommend that you double check your surge protection requirements before purchasing a low MSCC rated device.

Make sure to read our article about how to install a whole house surge protector!

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